Minimize to Maximize: Making Your Closet More with Less

by Kathreene Joyce Dadero

September 4, 2018

               Like the typical girl boss you are, you wake up in the morning ready to conquer the world. You take a sip from your first cup coffee and feel unstoppable. You take a shower and feel refreshed and energized. Everything seems perfect. Then, you face your first important decision of the day – choose your #OOTD. You look at your closet, and the world suddenly stops. You do not have anything to wear. You already wore this blouse, you think, last week. You’re sure there’s this top that goes with this skirt, but you find it wrinkled at the deep recesses of your drawer. You have lots of clothes, but why can’t you decide what to wear? You take a step back for a moment, and you realize why storms are named after people. Your closet is one hell of a mess.

               You are not alone, girl. A lot of women out there face this similar drama every single day. The world moves so fast these days that you won’t notice how your quick fashion decisions leave you no time to neatly place your clothes back when you’ve tried several outfits already. That’s perfectly normal. But if you really want to be THE girl boss, you should realize that you need a little organizing. So here are a few tips and tricks that you can follow so you can minimize your closet to maximize your life.

messy closet

Does this picture hit you right in the feels?


Organizing your closet can consume a lot of time. Depending on the situation, it can take you half or even an entire day to figure things out. Although it will be a difficult feat, it will definitely be worth it!

#1: Empty your closet.

               Take everything out and start with an empty closet. While it can be very overwhelming to think that you have so many things to clean out, It will also allow you to dust your closet and drawers a little bit, and find some treasures you might not have seen in a long time.
Lay your clothes, accessories, and shoes where you can see them all like on the bed or on the floor. This way, you will be able to scale your task, and this is also a good way to motivate you to clean up and get things done immediately, because, to be honest, you need your bed for very important things – like sleep.
               At this point, you can also plan how you can optimize your spaces. Think about the best way for you to place your articles that will allow you to access things easily. Think about where you can keep stuff that you will not be using immediately because of the current season.

#2: Let them go.

               Yes! We are talking about those tops or shorts that fit you three years ago and you are hoping will fit you again when you lose those love handles soon. Yes! We are talking about those clothes you bought at a sale because you thought they were cute at the time, but you never really found the right occasion to wear them.
               A big part of why making choices becomes difficult is when you have too many choices. You hold on to so many clothes and you include them in your daily decision-making, but some of them are not really viable options, to begin with.
               Go through each of your pieces, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this fit me?
  • Is it in good condition?
  • Have I worn this in the past six months?
  • Is it flexible enough to go well with my other pieces?

               If anything does not make the cut, you must let it go. This is the hardest part, though. This is the heart of the process. This is where you begin to think you are wasting them by throwing them away. But you have to understand that getting rid of these items will give your closet more space, save you more time and energy in the future, give you peace of mind, and reduce your daily stress.
               Do not worry! You have lots of options with your discarded treasures. You can sell some of them in a garage sale, or put them up on online selling apps. You can also donate them to your local church or charity. You can even repurpose some of them as pillowcases, mats, or rags, among other things. But you have to make the decision that they do not belong in your closet anymore.

#3: Sort by clothing category, not color.

               Grouping your bits and pieces by color is one for the Pinterest or Instagram. It looks pretty, but it is not very functional. When you dress up, you don’t think about what color you want to wear first. You think about where you are going, you consider the dress code, and you consider the climate before you even think about the color.
               Organizing your clothes by category makes it easier to narrow down your options when you plan your outfit. This way, when you want to dress up for work, or a formal event, or just a chill-out, you know exactly from which section of your closet to look. You should also arrange them in your closet according to how frequently you dress up in that category, the frequently-worn ones should be right in front of you when you open the closet to save more time.

#4: Keep everything in sight.

               It is easier to look for things when you can see everything immediately. Your bracelets, for example, is better laid flat in a drawer or hanging where you can easily see all of them. Your shirts folded in the drawers are better arranged beside each other rather than stacking them up vertically. This way, you will minimize the chance of you rummaging through your stuff, or wrinkling them up, and starting the chaos once again.

#5: Invest in organizing tools (or DIY).

               Organizers are worth investing on if you want a power closet. Having drawer dividers, for example, keeps things in their designated space and prevents your undies from mixing up with your socks. Having baskets or boxes for your winter clothes, and putting labels on them, makes it easier to keep them and eventually bring them out in season. Placing hooks on your closet doors for scarves, bags, or hats is also a good way of making every inch count. Uniform and thin hangers give your closet a more organized look. All these things will allow you to maximize your space up to the last square inch.

               Now that you have all of these in your stash, it’s time to wear your most comfortable work clothes, put your hair in a bun, crack your knuckles, put your game face on, and face your closet. Then, after this hard but rewarding task, watch and see how much peace of mind and extra energy you will have every morning to conquer the world!

Kathreene Joyce Dadero

By Kathreene Joyce Dadero

I am a high school teacher by profession, teaching English and Korean Language. I love immersing myself in music, arts, languages, and fashion because they unleash the creative in me. They bring me so much happiness, and they give dull days an extra boost of color and energy.


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