Renew your style and look amazing this summer

Silvia Arevalo

I’m a Fashion Design student. I love reading, movies, music, and art. I’m the funny and deep girl you know.

It’s almost that time of the year where all you want to do is lay on the sand with the sun tanning your skin. Eating a scoop of strawberry ice cream, or drinking a piña colada, worrying only about what you’ll do the following day. For certain, it’s also the season of wearing fresh clothes, low cuts or mini everything (shorts, skirts). But what if we’re not going to the beach? All we’re seeing right now are posts on how to look cute at the seaside, reports on the perfect swimwear, or lists of essential items to take on your bag to the shore.

Every so often, those who are fascinated with the fashion world tend to idealize how we want our style to evolve. But some other times, even if we want to, we’re terrified to take the step and end up wearing the same clothes that do not express our personality. So, if this summer you feel ready to go further with your wardrobe and take a few risks, I have some tips for you, to upgrade your summery outfits.

Here’s a list of practical ideas to look amazing and trendy this upcoming season, even if you’re staying home. These will help you get out of your comfort zone with tiny steps, so you’ll grow confident with your new style.

Pops of color

summer look You don’t need to start by wearing all your garments in striking colors at once, but if you’d like to turn your outfit into something fun and unique, adding splashes of vibrant tones might be your best shot, either in your clothes or accessories. Combine a pair of denim jeans or shorts with a bright shirt to achieve a nice casual look. Or if you want something chicer, wear a day dress in a neutral tone with some big colorful earrings and a bold hat. Other items that can add life to your outfit are sunglasses (currently, there’s an extense variety of designs), a lovely bag or even a hair band.

The colors that are the best option for the summer are red, vivid yellow, bright orange or millennial pink, but the choices are limitless. It all depends on how you style your look. Always keep in mind what you’d like to project with your outfit, and remember, just be yourself.

Cool sunglasses

pink outfit One of the most popular trends right now is stylish sunglasses. As you’ve read previously, there’s an enormous quantity of designs for sunnies that it’s almost impossible just to pick one pair. For this upcoming summer, you can go for a pair that features colored glass, a bold frame or even a creative shape. The more likely ones to be seen everywhere, are those that look like they came out straight from the nineties because nostalgia is everything. So, if you wish to include something extra to your look but do not want it to be too much, a good pair of sunnies is the best idea.

If you feel like wanting to take it easy in changing your style, these are a great option. You can put them on, take some selfies and see how they work for you. Maybe bright sunglasses won’t appeal much as your first option, in this case, you can select a pair in black or dark tones; they can be incorporated in any kind of outfit, and they’re elegant, classy and even will give you a mysterious air.

The Hat

outfit with hat You’ve got some bright garments, the coolest sunglasses, but… maybe want something for your head? A hat could be your answer. Not only they assist us achieving some protection from the UV rays, but also look super trendy and there’s one for every style. If you’re seeking a bohemian approach, a wide brim black hat is an attractive option. However, if you want a more relaxed and fresh look, opt for a Panama hat or a short-brimmed one in a light color.

These, as the sunnies, can support you with baby steps in transforming your wardrobe. In case you’re not sure if you’d like a brimmed hat, a cool and trendy alternative are the beloved berets. They come in every color and texture you can imagine, and sometimes they even feature details like pearls, feathers or embroidered words that help you make a fashion statement.

Denim everything

denim outfit You may have seen a while ago the start of the obsession with denim. Jackets, skirts, shorts, jeans, even bags! But why is it so adored? How is it possible that this textile has been on trend for so many years?

The answer is actually simple: it’s chameleonic. You can wear a denim piece with any kind of garments, and the outfit will look cool, fun and effortless. Combine a denim skirt with a basic tee, a pair of jeans with the coolest blouse or a jacket on top of a fabulous dress, and you’re ready! For those looking to acquire a piece that’s more artsy and modern, you can choose a pair of overalls with any kind of shirt (looks cool with vibrant textiles).

Ideally, denim items will last long enough for you to experiment with them in every way possible. We’re lucky these days we can choose from a wide range of colors: from every tone of blue to grays, blacks, and even colorful ones. And if you’re a person that’s into crafts, you can even try and do a DIY project to tye dye your denim clothes and give them a unique appearance.

At the end of the day, evolving your style depends completely on how you’d like everyone to appreciate your personality through your clothes, and something that’s crucially important is always being true to yourself. Start these slight changes and you’ll see how trying new things may make you feel relaxed and happy. Summer is the worthiest season to give a try to this process because you can freely experiment with colors, textures, and silhouettes until you find what’s the best option for you, so don’t be afraid to take the first step, everything will go amazing!