Signature Fashion Styles Of Some Famous Personalities


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A signature style is a unique individual preference which does not follow fashion and fads of society. In the case of celebrities, those looks are picked by their followers and fans giving a shout out to other people of their interests. It’s a ‘style’ for you but ‘fashion’ for the fans or followers if any other person picks it up. However, every individual has a unique aura and personality. Signature style highlights that individuality which you don’t need to say. It becomes part of your personality.

Fashion says “me too” whereas style says “only me”. Style can become a fashion but fashion can never become style since it changes from time to time. A signature style is an all-time favorite personal ‘trademark’.

Signature styles are something the world has always gone crazy to follow. It’s a style gone popular if a celebrity owns it. The huge fan following will try to copy that style and dress in that particular way.

Signature style trades back from centuries though it was not given a name back then. For instance, royalties dating back from the British (current) empire to the Mughal Empire in India, they had that unique style to distinguish them from the general public. Additionally, people were distinguished individually too maintaining their signature styles

Lady Diana

Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, and a beauty which was loved by millions of people all around the world had her signature style too. It’s a story for another time that she changed her look later. She would use blue eyeliner to highlight her beautiful clean blue eyes. Her make-up artist Mary Greenwell revealed her style and asked her to change it as it would make her eyes dull. It is the look she kept for years and was so obsessed with it. This shows that though royalties had to be conservative they too preferred bold tastes.

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias, a popular Spanish singer, and songwriter flaunts his signature style with a baseball cap. No matter what he does, where he goes, he still maintains his look with the baseball cap. This gives an effect of youthful and young personality to him though he is 44 years old.

Marilyn Monroe

Goddess of beauty, Marilyn Monroe, was and still is known for her seductive red lips and cat eyes. She has influenced a number of generations with her breathtaking beauty.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, flaunts her signature wedges whenever she gets some space to be herself. Her wedges have always been the talk of the general public, though the Queen is not a huge fan of her wedges.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, Grammy Award-winning famous American singer, has created her signature persona by styling her hair into high ponytails! Her perfect ponytail is the reason, many vloggers and artists recreate this look sometimes by the name of ‘Ariana Grande’s ponytail look’.

Creating your own Signature Style

It is not necessary that only celebrities or famous people have a signature style. We need to remember that celebrities were ordinary people some time ago. You too can create your own signature look. However, signature look demands to be carried for the rest of your life so that you own it. For creating your own signature look, you need to know your body and personality well. You need to know dos and don’ts which will pop out your personality. Incorporating signature style has its own benefits such as, you don’t need to create a big fuss about what to wear and what not to, you don’t necessarily need to follow what’s trending since the signature style has nothing to do with fashion and trends. Polka dots, stylized animal and snake prints, Birkenstocks may be a thing trending but they won’t make it to an all-time wearer and favorites.

After exploring your tastes and tricks of style and your own body, you can carry out the look you die for, the look which can make people go “wow”. It is something which you will always be remembered for or connected with when people will think about you.

Trench coats

You can buy a trench coat incorporating its use in your life for a signature look. It’s an all-time favorite coat which was even used by detectives and actors in movies to show off the character. Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, women used to wear trench coats when going out to cover their glam giving a mysterious aura to their personality. It is still popular among adults nowadays.


This genius creation of the 19th century is a timeless accessory that is now designed as a piece of jewel and is worn by millions of people as a technologically smart device or vintage. Though we are going through the 21st century, a wristwatch is an all-time style that you can do to create your own style. Be it in a piece of jewel or an Apple wristwatch, it will speak out where your interests lie.


Believe it or not, this is the only accessory which has much more importance than the choice of your clothes. When a person meets you the first time, he will look on your face. Sunglasses signify the kind of style you have. Are you a frank person, or someone decent or the one who doesn’t like to speak too much? Sunglasses are your go-to card, I bet. It not only signifies you but can leave a lasting impression on the other person too.


Your cologne can be your signature and trademark with which people may remember you. “Musk Lorenzo Villoresi” was an all-time favorite perfume of Brad Pitt whereas Marilyn Monroe was a huge fan of Chanel No. 5. Scent can have a huge impact on your personality depicting your charm and persona. A signature style is something which only you can own and you can flaunt. No other person can carry it that way because it suits ‘you’. Some of the ideas presented above are amazing to start your signature look with. Think about who you truly are. Because only then can you find your style.