Sneakers: The Ideal Footwear for most Occasions

Manas Patil

Hello, I am Manas, a seventeen-year-old college(just passed out now) student who loves to write! Although I’m an Indian, I’ve spent a substantial amount of time living in Indonesia. I love to visit places from time to time. I also speak about various different subjects and I’m still learning… now I blog and develop my site frequently…

Before we dive right into it, let me tell you that there really is no ideal footwear. For that matter, there really is nothing ideal around us. So the type of footwear that I’ll be talking about can go well with many attires and can blend in for various events. But that’s it. It is not ideal footwear for all.

Let's begin with Sneakers

Sneakers! I’m pretty sure most of us have heard of it. Sneakers are naturally thought to be worn with casuals on. And sure, that is right. But let us look into it. Sneakers, be it having a slim or bulky look or be it white laces or black, they have the specialty to blend in with various different attires and for different occasions. For attires, these can suit up with shorts, trousers, denim jeans… full-sleeves, jackets, hoodies- even some tuxedoes, and the list goes on. Speaking of color combinations, they can catch up and blend with almost any combination. If one asks, I would suggest him or her to get sneakers with not-so-bright colors like crisp orange.

Personally, I feel black, grey and white sneakers with similar lace colors are the real blenders here.

Sneakers for sports?

On the other hand, talk of the occasions. Not only is the footwear robust for offices and running errands as they show in those ads, but it’s also great with much more! Let’s be honest, sneakers are strictly bought by fashion enthusiasts, so it’s fashion only. These aren’t meant for any sort of sports here and definitely not for running. But nowadays, multi-national giants like Puma and Nike have been keeping a smart eye on people. So now even running sneakers are available. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, it’s just business on the other end.

Apart from this, they can go well for a restaurant meetup – a date perhaps, long road journeys or traveling, and even functions as a wedding.

The other choice – Espadrilles

Sneakers are the most well-known and basic, yet still one of the most loved trends of today. Not long back, another trend that has been rising up is the espadrilles. They are also locally known as loafers by most. I dare to say that the espadrilles are not just a hot trend. These can by far be one of the most comfortable and carefree footwear too. Carefree because unlike sneakers, you can just pull it up on your feet like socks and start walking. That is why we now find fashion lovers going for these rather than flip flops.

Speaking of socks here, if you’re getting yourself loafers, make sure to have socks up to your ankles only. They do not entertain long socks… maybe wearing these without any sock is fine, but not socks which go over your ankles.

The downside: Just like sneakers, these are meant for everyday wear. But not for any sort of sports. For sports footwear, one has not much choice but to keep a pair of sports shoes… now, please don’t wear your sports shoes for all occasions- it’s not cool!