Some Hair Grooming Tips for Men

Manas Patil

Hello, I am Manas, a seventeen-year-old college(just passed out now) student who loves to write! Although I’m an Indian, I’ve spent a substantial amount of time living in Indonesia. I love to visit places from time to time. I also speak about various different subjects and I’m still learning… now I blog and develop my site frequently…

Just like the rest of the fashion world, grooming your facial hair too is an endless world in its own way. Keeping that mind, we can’t just ignore it now, can we? It might take years to find the right style for yourself but it’s worth the effort… and believe me, it’ll be easier if you start today!

Let’s build you up, shall we?

What really is Grooming?

Grooming isn’t changing oneself to look cool, it is about being the best version of oneself. Different individuals have different ways to stand out with their best. Speaking of it bluntly, it is about shaping your hair and beard in a neat manner which also includes shaving unwanted strands of hair from one’s lower neck. The guy here in the picture does have beard hair on his neck too… but I can strongly say he’s well-groomed. Why? Like I mentioned before, it is mainly about becoming the best version of oneself- and he looks pretty dope with it!


The first priority is the hair on your head (sorry if you’re a Dwayne Johnson fan), so let’s discuss a few things about hair timings, shampoo, and methods to add volume.

Hard and soft shampoos

I take it that you’re well aware of both the types. Anyway, nothing wrong in taking another look into it. Let me not mention any of the shampoo brands here. It all depends on what type of hair you have… and also where you live. For example, if your friend looks great after using hard shampoo, don’t immediately try that. It can sometimes literally ruin your existing hair!

When to wash your hair?

A fashion writer myself, I used to wash my hair twice a month(I know!) back then… please don’t do that. Now I maintain the right habit. Adopt a proper routine where you wash your hair twice a week. Make sure you wash on consecutive days. Too much or too less of washing your hair will no doubt damage your scalp and not to mention, ‘too less’ also leaves you filthy.

Hair products

Last but probably the most important part of hair styling… and this article is about hair products. Spoiler alert: Do NOT think of hair gel! Hair cream is fine, but not hair gel. If you’re going hair cream, I would recommend using the brand Brylcreem.

For hair spray, Nova Gold is highly recommended… usually used occasionally though. Another thing that might come handy: A man with hundreds of products can look worse than a man with a couple of them. Cutting to the chase- know how to use your products well. The most advised method to style up your hair with products is pretty easy.

Using a hairdryer and a roller comb, just brush them up whichever way you wish. After that, apply a bit of the hair cream that you have in order to make sure your hair stays in the position as you first made it.