Spring/Summer 2018 color trends and styling ideas


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The warm season is already here, and it’s time to prepare your wardrobe to go along with the season. In this article, we will discover some of the top trending colors for this spring/summer season. We will also be sharing some cool ideas to style, mix and match the colors with items you might already have in your wardrobe.
The palette for this season is rich and exciting. It plays on two contrasting types of colors, the bold colors, and soft pastel colors. A quick sneak peak on the high-end fashion runway shows for the spring/summer 2018 reveals the color trends to be as it follows: Lavender, Ultra Violet, Rapture Rose, Blue Sky, Nile green, Military Green, White, Chocolate Brown, Yellow and Red Tomato. As you can see, the colors trend for this season can be divided into two main categories:
Bold colors: Ultra Violet, Military Green, Chocolate Brown, Red Tomato, and Yellow.
Soft pastel toned colors are back for this summer. The top trending pastel colors are: Lavender, Rapture rose, Blue sky, Nile green, White, and Yellow.
Yellow can be part of both categories since it depends on the shade that you prefer most.

Mix and Match Ideas:

You will find bellow some outfit and accessorizing ideas to help navigate your way through the new palette. The ideas and suggestions are sorted by colors. We also try to make the suggestions complementary to each other, so you can mix and match from the suggestions down below.

Tomato Red:

red and white
Seize the opportunity to unleash the bold side of yourself into the world!
Bold colors might sound intimidating at first until you try them, then they become an addiction!
Here are some outfit ideas:
  • Red t-shirt with a pair of boyfriend jeans and white sneakers;
  • Red summery dress with yellow sandals and yellow sunglasses;
  • White shirt and Red mini skirt with white sneakers;
  • Over-sized shirt/sweater with Military Green shorts or pants.
If you want to stay on the safe side but still want a taste of this color, try adding accessories in this particular color to your collection.
Keep in mind these are the best combination:
  • Tomato Red / White;
  • Tomato Red / Military Green;
  • Tomato Red / Yellow;
  • Tomato Red / Denim.

Military Green:

Military Green is one of the easiest colors to wear, you can almost wear it with any color of your choice. However, for a spring/summer look, we suggest not to go heavy with the colors. Here are some ideas to get inspired:
  • Military Green overalls with a yellow t-shirt;
  • Military Green short dress with Chocolate Brown accessories (hat, handbag, backpack, sandals);
  • Military Green short jumpsuit dress with Tomato Red accessories;
  • Military Green shorts with a light pastel t-shirt (Lavender, Sky Blue, Nile Green);
  • Military Green light sweater with a pair of jeans and white sneakers.

Ultra Violet:

Ultra Violet is also a bold color and a very tricky one too! The key to nailing a look with this particular color is to keep it simple. You can choose from these color combination below:
  • Ultra Violet / Denim;
  • Ultra Violet / Military Green;
  • Ultra Violet / Yellow;
  • Ultra Violet / Nile Green;
  • Ultra Violet / White.
You can play with the accessories as long as you keep it minimalist or as long as they belong to the same palette of colors you picked your outfit from.
If you want to tone it down, try using lightweight fabric (ex: sheer skirt/dress/shirt).

Chocolate Brown:

Chocolate Brown might be naturally associated with the cold season, brown coats and boots as warm as our favorite hot chocolate drink. However, if you dig this color, we can help you sprinkle some chocolate into your wardrobe with these tips and ideas:
  •  Chocolate Brown sandals: it’s a great investment as you will be surprised of the versatility of their use. You can style them with a vast choice of colors;
  • Chocolate Brown leather jacket or trench coat, to layer with your everyday outfit. A nice way to keep warm and elegant during a chilly early morning errand or a late night walk;
  • A Chocolate Brown bag or backpack is also a smart idea to incorporate the color without overdoing it.


We suggest you start your wardrobe update by picking a good old white shirt, for the very simple reason that it is easy to pair and match with any other color or accessory. We highly suggest a casual, laid back and summery style, yet try to keep it simple so you can easily get creative with. For instance, you can wear it with your favorite pair of sky blue denim shorts, and finish the look with accessories of your choice.
A white dress is also a very versatile piece you certainly need to have in your wardrobe. You can style it in numerous ways:
  • Throw in a denim jacket;
  • Chocolate Brown accessories;
  • Make a statement with a Tomato Red belt:
  • Play with adding colorful scarfs.

The soft colors:

Blue Sky – Nile Green – Rapture Rose – Lavender

Since these colors are very similar, let’s talk about them all together, since what applies to one of them can pretty much be applied to the rest.
These light soft colors are inspired by mother nature. They are calming and refreshing. Here are some fashion suggestions:
  • Invest in a lightweight summery sheer dress in one (or more) of these color;
  • Upgrade a basic casual look by adding accessories (hat, jewelry, bag, …etc) in one of the color cited above;
  • T-shirts: oversized or form fitted, it’s your choice, just make sure you have them! Pair them with a pair of jeans, a Military Green skirt, or white shorts, and girl! You are ready to go!


As we mentioned above, Yellow can be both bold and soft, depending on your preference. You certainly can pick ideas from both categories and play with them. And if you want to know what we think about this color: Nothing screams SUMMER louder than a beautiful simple short Yellow dress!
The most important thing is to remember to be creative. Your body is your canvas, your outfits are your brushes and paints. The color trends are a great opportunity for you to experiment with new possibilities. Enjoy!
yellow dress