Straw bag! – The perfect bag for this summer.

Kashmira Jayaprakash

Fashion with its unlimited possibilities always feels the right place to be as it keeps me inspired every day. I am a freelance fashion and graphic designer graduated in Fashion Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, India and I have acquired ‘Vogue Fashion Certificate ‘ from Condė Nast College of Fashion and Design, London – United Kingdom. Other than fashion, I love music, dance, art, and movies.

Want to find the most trendy and fashionable bag to carry this summer? Your answer is here!

  Bags are a quintessential part of completing and perfecting a look as they have the power to take any look up a notch. All you need with a simple dress or just denim is to find the right bag that makes the whole look chic. If you have been on a pursuit to find your staple go-to bag for this summer – the answer is “straw bag”. Celebrities and it-girls have been spotted with their straw bags from Coachella and other happening places to casual outings and shopping on city streets. You can read everything about finding your own straw bag and how to incorporate them with your looks, right here.


The straw bag trend 2019

In this age of sustainable fashion, there’s nothing better than a straw bag to elevate your look into a classy and organic style. The good news is, yes straw bags did make an appearance and became popular in summer 2018, but guess what? – they are back on the trend board with more power this summer and it is a must-have. All your favorite brands are launching new looks in straw bags in all sizes, styles, and colors, now all you need to do is find yours.  

With this humongous come back of straw bag strengthening its hold over the style sphere comes innumerable varieties which make the task of getting the right one harder. They go from vintage classic totes and picnic basket styles to modern shapes and cute crossbody bags to vibrant colored futuristic ones. So, in order to fetch out the best one out of what seems to be an endless pile of options, we need to know what’s out there in the first place. Maybe instead of finding a few for yourself, you can find one for every day of this summer.


Here is a refined brief of what’s in vogue:


1. Modern Circular

The circular shape is becoming so popular in bags, especially in straw bags as it is refreshing from regular boxy shapes. Whether it is super cool circular tote bags or adorable crossbody bags or little circular clutches, the shape is so aesthetically pleasing when it comes to our neutral colored straw bags. The fun circular shape just doesn’t stop at that, all bags with circular handles are trending worldwide and it’s no different with straw bags. This makes circular straw bags with circular handles scores double points, making them mandatory for your summer bag collection. You can find some really great circular straw bags with circular handles by Eliurpi on  


2. Classy vintage

If you are aiming for something classy, vintage style straw bag is just what you need. Imagine carrying a vintage Chanel basket bag, it will blend well with most of your summer wardrobe and what can be more classier than Chanel! Don’t worry, you can also find some really classy vintage straw bags without burning your pocket. There’s a wide range of these bags available in the market. If you are lucky enough to have a vintage straw bag in your possession already, all you have to do is dust it out and show them off.  

3. Color pop

Trims are key in straw bags when neutral trims look fine and classy on straw bags, a pop of color in trims can create an ultra-modern vibe. Some of the trendy straw bags have single colored leather and fabric handles and trims making it modern and classy while some have colorful pom-poms or printed silk scarves to give a cheerful, quirky aspect. If you are a do-it-yourself girl, you can add some quirkiness of your own to the bags, making them more romantic or hippy.  

4. Everyday tote

Basket tote bags are essential for this year’s summer, they go very well with all your day-out styles. They can go with your romantic floral skirt as well as your ripped jeans. Some fantastic classy straw tote bags are offered by Tory Burch and Micheal Kors. In case you are looking for something more unique, Jaquemeus who is famous for his straw accessories has this gigantic fringed straw bag that can make a fashion statement as big as the bag itself.   

5. Vibrant straws

Apart from all the natural colored straws we see everywhere, freshly in is colored straw bags. Do you like to Gucci up your style? then you have the perfect colored straw bag by Gucci, the brand’s signature green and red stripes painted on a classic Gucci bag. Someone who loves colorful things and is not fond of carrying a natural straw color bag can find these unconventional colored straw bags that will fit perfectly with their taste.  

6. Artistic structured 

Structured bags are extremely fashionable pieces that are crucial to add ons to a flawless wardrobe. Straw bags get as structured as they can and designers don’t disappoint when it comes to innovation in structures. Boxy suitcases and trunks, sphere and hexagon baskets, the possibilities in structured straw bags are just limitless. They are roomy and beautiful and gives you the right nudge to fall into the best-dressed list. There is no need to hesitate while investing in these timeless art pieces.


Where to find the right straw bags?

  The ‘where to find ‘ part is the easiest for straw bags as they are literally everywhere. Need something luxurious, you can get them at Chanel, Gucci, Valentino, Jacquemus, Micheal Kors, Tory Burch, name your favorite luxury brand and you got it. Talking about something more affordable,  you have Topshop, Mango, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Zara, H&M to name a few stores where you can find trendy straw bags.  


Time to get your perfect bag for this summer!

  Though straw bags have been making appearances in the past few spring-summer collections, they are currently hitting the peak of popularity this season and all the worshippers of fashion cannot put off getting one now. It’s not just a beach accessory anymore, you got straw bags for all occasions you can possibly imagine because of its utmost versatility. Now that you know everything you need to know about straw bags, off you go and get yours before summer runs out!