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Fashion trends do have a comeback. This is one main reason why I adore fashion and am certain you do too. When you take a sneak peek into your grandmas closet am so sure you will find more crochet fashion pieces than you had imagined. And obviously, you own some crochet fashion pieces too. Whether it is that warm scarf or some sexy body-hugging knit dress.

Crochet wear has moved from being the most boring wardrobe pieces to the most sought-after fashion statements. The word crochet is derived from the French word croc or croche to mean hook. It describes the activity of creating fabric from a yarn, thread or cord by use of a hooked tool.

Recently, top designers have been gracing the runways with their classy crochet designs. Adam Sellman during the Spring 2017 Outing showcased breathtaking crochet mini skirts that really brought out the true beauty of crochet.

Crochet is wildly experimental, chic and classy. It is what every fashion risk taker and trendy go-to diva craves. So why not own some classic crochet pieces? It is really worth your investment. Grab these latest crochet fashion pieces and be sure to leave heads turning.


A knit dress is always feminine and alluring. It is one fashion piece that screams comfort and sexy at the same time. It is amazing that a knit dress can be worn during different seasons and can also be paired with a variety of accessories to bring out different looks. We have various designs of these dresses including a double layer plunge dress, crochet lace midi dress, flared sleeve swing dress, a crochet Bardot dress, and a crochet mini knitted jumper dress just to mention but a few. One way of wearing a vintage crochet dress is by pairing it with a black leather jacket. This gives your outfit a touch of elegance and class and leaves you feeling comfy and warm. Crochet dresses at most times are made of knee-length height in order to bring out that feminine figure.

Another way to style your crochet dress is by pairing it with nude tiptoe heels. These heels accentuate your body to bring out that perfect long leg look. A red or black heel can also bring out the same effect.

For a fancy college girl, time is an essential resource and you obviously have no time for glam up sessions. You can pair your crochet dress with a well-fitting denim jacket and white sneakers to complete the look.

For anyone looking to spice up your trends this year, a vintage crochet dress is a must-have.



Crochet tops are always trendy and never get out of style. They are simple and classy. They are the type of outfit you just slip on and move on to rock the world. They come in many different styles and can be worn with almost anything from leggings to denim pants, shorts or skirts. You can also grab yourself a crochet dress top and pair it with stylish thigh high boots to bring out that diva vibe. One thing you will love most about crochet tops is that they are weather friendly. This eliminates the need for walking around with a heavy jacket or trench coat and it does not overwhelm you with intense heat during sunny weather.

This is the season to hit up the crochet look with knit crop tops, trendy high neck crochet tops, knit cami tops and just about any other design to suit your taste.


There is always something alluring about a knit playsuit. It always stands out and gives you the look of a style icon. As simple as they are, you can choose a bright colored playsuit and go ahead to throw on some trendy biker leather jacket. You can also decide to pair it with some laced heels to bring out that long leg model look. Crochet playsuits are a must have during summer. While everyone is busy putting on linen playsuits, grab your crochet playsuit and stand out.


I am an absolute fan of beach wear fashion designs. Fancy as they look, crochet beach designs are taking over the traditional nylon swim sets. If you do not own one, I am certain you know someone that has one or you have seen someone in them. These swim sets are quite comfortable, unlike the common cotton-made or nylon swim sets. You actually never get water trapped between your swimsuit and your body hence the lightweight feel.

They come in different tasteful designs that am so sure you will like. To add to your beach essentials, you can always get a crochet kilim, a crochet romper, a crochet sarong and a crochet shirt dress. These add-ons are such a great way to add to your comfort during your amazing time at the beach.


I had not seen these until Dolce & Gabbana put them on the runway. Also featured in Vogue’s Ultimate Bag Guide Spring/Summer 2018, this is an accessory you can’t afford to miss. Sleek and trendy, you can never go wrong with this crochet bags. They are quite unique and are no longer the bags you carry to the grocery to shop for fresh produce. They range from tote bags, clutch, shoulder bags, cross body or any type of bag you can think of. The next time you are out shopping for bags, do not forget to grab these.


These have been trending since last year and are an incredible and extremely creative fashion statement. Drawn straight from the runway to the street fashion world, these are a must have especially if you are in college. To appear more classy, the dull-colored pair is the most ideal and can be paired with a cute midi skirt or denim shorts. You can also wear black colored thigh high crochet socks with the same color ankle boots. You will be amazed at how incredible the outcome will be. An actual thigh high boot look.

But be sure to match the right pieces.

Forget about the naysayers. Fashion is all about exploring and taking risks otherwise you will be stuck duplicating everything others wear.