Style guide for plus size men clothing


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There’s no doubt that the options get less when it comes to plus size clothing for men. There’s only so much that we think is out there which will make us look our best.

Most plus size men have no clue when it comes to style. There are very few men who know how to dress properly.

Add being plus size to the formula and you are most likely to bring down your clothing options to shorts and flip flops. But you don’t have to wear clothes that make you look bad.

Let me guide you to best pick the style and the plus-size clothing options for men,


shirts representing color options in mens fashion They are more important than you think. They create a perception of your personality and add life into your style. As plus-size men,

  • you should usually go with a darker shade. They do not reflect as much light as the lighter shades which makes you look leaner.
  • You can still wear lighter shades but make sure that you commit to them. Nothing in the middle like dull red.
  • No neon colors with your clothing.
  • Try not to wear more than 2 colors and keep it under 3.
  • Have a basic understanding of colors that work together.

Don’t let your legs grab attention

Big amounts of fat get deposited on our thighs. It is one of the places where its the most visible for both men and women. For plus-size men clothing,

  • Legs must always be covered
  • Legs should always be of a darker shade than the top. Your upper body must have more attention than the lower.
  • Prefer wearing chinos over jeans or trousers.

Footwear for plus-size men style

I think by now everyone knows that you get judged by the footwear you wear. They are the first thing which anybody notices. And when it comes to plus-size men’s footwear, you should always make a statement (no flip-flops). Let the world know that you are wearing something. I don’t mean for you to wear shoes with diamonds but do fill your wardrobe with boots and shoes that have visible heels. Sneakers and shoes without laces, don’t work as well for plus-size men style.

Shirts over T-shirts

shirt with a minimal pattern Men look way better in a shirt than a T-shirt. Period. Plus-size men should, for the most part, wear a shirt.

  • They bring a better style
  • They make you look leaner
  • They give you more color options with clothing
  • People take you more seriously
Tucking in the shirt does not work for plus-size men’s clothing styles. Unless you are in a business meeting or your office demands it, there’s no reason for you to tuck your shirt in. Wear your exact fit, either plain or a minimal pattern. No more than 2 colors.

Also, always wear inners and make sure that they are a size smaller than you require. They will take away a lot of those curves.

If you wish to go casual

  • Darker shade jacket over a light-shade-plain-tucked-in T-shirt.
  • Hoodies of any color as long as the prints are minimal.
  • Full sleeve T-shirts with sleeves pulled up.