The 5 Top Activewear Trends of 2019

Garima Jain

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We are almost reaching half-way of the year and if you had pledged to get into shape this year, then you are very well part of the 65 per cent of folks on the same mission in 2019. While it is easy to make a resolution, it is as difficult to live by it the entire year. But since you are here reading this, we get that you for sure aren’t the person who gives up — and, honestly, more power to you for that.

One of the reasons people love to work out these days is the activewear trend. Not only do they get to shed a few kilos but also make a fashion statement at the gym. There is a boom in the fitness industry and the forecasted activewear trends are giving us all the motivation we need to finally make exercise a priority. While the quality and variety of gym wear was very limited earlier, many brands are now focussed to only fitness apparel providing a wide range of quality stuff. To ensure your look is on point when you hit the gym, we have listed the top 5 activewear trends of 2019.

1. Bike Shorts

Women’s Originals cycling shorts by Adidas

The figure-hugging bike shorts are mostly able to squeeze the extra fat on your thighs, giving it low to almost no bounce while you jump. It can be easily paired with a tank top and your favourite training shoes.

2. Printed High waist leggings

Women’s Training believe this high-rise 7/8 tights by Adidas

If you have bought a new active legging, better test the stuff in your yoga session. The high waist leggings are by far the favourite of celebrities and fitness influencers for its high inseam and ability to stay up in place even during the most flexible yoga postures. This activewear trend is here to stay for as long as ladies wish for a comfy and hot look.

3. Dri fit logo t-shirts

Women's Dri-Fit Logo NBA T-shirt by Nike

Gone are the days when one had to bear with a wet t-shirt after exercising. Dri fit has taken over the shelf now. It soaks up the sweat and moves to the fabric’s surface to keep the body dry and clean. The dri-fit top feels light throughout the workout and is a motivator to keep going. While this is what makes the session comfortable, to make it up to the fashion trends, add some logo t-shirts in your activewear wardrobe and get a chic look.

4. Slider slippers

Women’s Slide Benassi JDI Floral by Nike

A must buy for this year. Sports sliders are a hot trend with international celebrities setting a style statement in their gym look. Let your feet breathe before and after workout by wearing these cool sliders and carry your training shoes in a bag instead.

5. Sports Bras with Yoga Pants

Women Studio Yoga Hero strappy padded bra by Reebok

These matching sets of sports bras and yoga pants is a complete package for women who are fitness freaks and a fashion lover.
So, ladies! Get ready to put as much effort into getting dressed as you do to sweat. Feel sore today and stronger tomorrow in your comfy, chic activewear.