The 7 Best Summer Makeup Tips That Will Make You Look Gorgeous

Swarnambal John

I am Swarnambal John, a health and wellness blogger and a writer.

Summer is an excellent time for catching up with friends, relaxing, and attending parties. Looking good and feeling great can boost your confidence levels; but smeared eyeliner, melting makeup and sticky lipstick can undermine it. To avoid weather worn mess lighten your makeup routine for the summer season and use what you need.

Here are some best summer makeup tips to look beautiful and gorgeous even when the weather is working against you. 


Before you apply your summer makeup its best to exfoliate your face. Exfoliation sloughs off the dead cells from the top layer of your skin. This action brightens your skin and allows skin care products to penetrate deeper into your skin.


Moisturizers significantly reduce the chances of skin problems. Moreover, they fight blemishes, reduce wrinkles, and help your skin to stay young. Oil-free moisturizers and tinted moisturizers work well to hydrate your skin. 

Also, tinted moisturizers add a sheer glow to your face. Mixing oil-free moisturizer with a foundation gives a softer appearance. Moisturizers with antioxidants and sunscreen are best for summers. Nevertheless, you could also apply face oil. 

Face oils are expert hydrators and evenly soak into your face leaving no residue. Low comedogenic oils such as jojoba, marula, squalene, and tea tree are excellent options for oily skin. These oils are light in texture and will not make your skin greasy.

Layer on sunscreen

Sunscreen protects and reduces the penetration of the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. UV rays can trigger a variety of skin disorders. So besides hydrating, make sure that you protect your skin every single day with sunscreen. Applying makeup over sunburnt skin does not look good. 


After moisturizing, apply a primer. It doesn’t feel like additional layer and is especially useful in summer as primer holdups the makeup in the face. Using a primer that contains hyaluronic acid softens wrinkles and blurs imperfections all the while holding your makeup in place.

Glam up with bronzer but avoid the shimmer

Bronzers add a little warmth to your skin as well as make your eyes look brighter. To look fresh and natural, apply bronzer to your forehead, cheekbones, nose, and chin. Covering every area of your face gives a baked look. A dewy look is excellent, but the humidity will work out against it. During summer, avoid luminous and cream foundations, because it will make you look more sweaty and shiny.

Look for sheer shades

Lighten up your look and go in for sheer versions of eye and lip color. Nude shades give a natural, carefree feeling. Try applying an invisible lip liner that stops color bleeding as it deposits a transparent wax film on your lips. Avoid heavy matte lipsticks instead use light statins. These formulas are long-lasting and versatile. Sweet pink or peach shades give a traditional summery look while tangerine and grape colors provide a bold and daring look.

Finish off with a spray setting

Spritz some setting spray to seal in your makeup. It helps it to last longer throughout the day. Applying makeup is an art. Do it the right way and gracefully accept all the compliments that come your way.