The Hottest Plus Size Clothing Styles for a Perfect Summer Date!

Megha Sawhney

I am a writer by the day and an artist by the night. I like to voice my opinion and distinct perspective through my work. I like to write on unconventional topics that have not been given the due attention they deserve. I am a conceptual artist as well and I like to use my artistic skills to pen a written piece as well.

Majority of the fashion blogs, clothing stores, lifestyle bloggers and fashion influencers across the globe are talking about the regular fashion tips and tricks. It is finally time to talk about what exactly do plus size females want because plus size fashion is one of the most emerging topics which deserve to be discussed in greater lengths. Are you a sassy plus size woman who is ready to flaunt her curves on that exciting summer date? Do you like skirts or Indian prints for summer or the variety of bags available in your wardrobe is what makes you the diva of plus size fashion? Here are the quick top summer looks for the perfect date this weekend.

Before we start, there are a few secret pointers required to get that perfect plus size look for a special summer day. You must ask yourself these questions before choosing the ultimate outfit. What you have to keep in mind before choosing any outfit includes the following:

  1. Whether the chosen colour suits the summer shades (which are supposed to be vibrant) or not.
  2. Whether the entire look is perfectly balanced or not. Too much of a single colour can be dangerous. The more a chosen colour is vibrant and attractive, the less it must be used in your look.
  3. Have you chosen the right contrast for your plus size outfit or not. Try to pair one light colour with a bright one. Say, a pure white with a pop orange one, or (less of) yellow with (more of) black.
  4. Whether the plus size look is accurately accessorised or not. Just a classy clutch (or handbag) or just a pair of big sunglasses can upgrade the style quotient of the look.
  5. Last but not least, whether you are comfortable in the chosen outfit or not. Falling straps or rubbing thighs can never make you feel beautiful for within. Your inner beauty is more precious with the outer style.
Keeping all the guiding pointers in mind, below is an exclusive collection of plus size outfits, chosen for the inner diva in you. Hope you find something for your big day (fingers crossed).

1. The Cheetah Print to Die for

Plus size fashion

A lovely plus size woman captured while teasing a friend

A chubby fashionista happily posing in her white shirt with a unique cheetah print. It is an ideal outfit for a wonderful day out with your loved one. What adds grace to the magnificent print is its intelligent pairing with the plain black tights. When noticed closely, the print has a regal Indian touch to it. The hint of mild golden-yellow, the outfit looks much balanced on a whole. Accessorise the plus size clothing with a classic black waist bag and keep those flicks falling on your face to complete the ultimate plus size look.

2. The Classic Pleated Skirt

Plus size clothing

A plus size model posing in a floral skirt

Another plus size female confidently posing for the camera in her ultimate summer look. What makes this lovely pleated skirt a perfect choice for an outing under the bright summer sun is the delicate floral print adorning the pleated beauty. Another intelligent choice that makes the look a fabulous piece of plus size clothing is that of the plain black top. It becomes really important to balance any look to make it both classy and attractive at the same time. This soothing look is definitely one of those. Pair it up with subtle makeup, classy black clutch and open hair.

3. The Crop Top and Denim Look

Plus size clothing

Side pose in a comfy pair of plus size clothing

This is by far the most comfortable summer look for a bright day out. A flowy white crop top with a pair of faded blue denim is what the idea of a perfect summer date is. Let the minimal embroidery matching the denim do the talking with the popping contrast. Team the look with funky open slippers in a contrasting colour and balance the entire colour palette used for the plus size fashion look for the day. Tie your hair with a ribbon (possibly matching the slippers) or in a low bun. Small ear studs to take all the attention to your face and a comfortable tote to present your plus size curves in style.

4. The perfect Colour Combo

Plus size

A plus size queen of sass posing in vibrant orange bottoms

A very confident plus size model posing with her fabulous outfit looks ready for her perfect summer outing. This is an ultimate plus size look which defines the potential of choosing the right colour contrasts. Finding the right shade balance is what any look calls for. A snow white off-shoulder top with high-waisted bright bottoms, in a contrasting shade, is what adds life to this plus size look. Pair the vibrant look with a side bamboo bag and white platform heels to get your comfortable plus size look. A high-waisted pair of bottoms allow you to flaunt those curves.  

With some of the most popular plus size looks, specially curated for you keeping in mind the latest plus size fashion trends, you are all set to rock that sunny day out. Whether it is your first date with a guy or an outing with a crush, you can confidently step out in style without worrying about how you look.Β  What makes the above list of plus size looks so unique is that it does not compromise on your comfort. No matter which style you choose for the day, none of these are going to disappoint you in terms of both comfort and style.

The best part is, that you can replace any part of the look according to your style, comfort or general preference. Replace those pair of heels with a comfortable one of sneakers, get a stole to beat that sun if you like. Anything and everything is going to fit perfectly as far as they are chosen in accordance with the given pointers (in the introduction). Being a plus size sassy female, it becomes both your duty and responsibility to flaunt your curves with utmost style and confidence. Remember, nothing will work if you don’t feel confident. Let that confidence and self-esteem reflect on your face and walk tall to show this world who you truly are!

What are you waiting for? Run and find your phone to fix that much-awaited summer date. It is time to shine! All the best.