The Keys to Minimalist Fashion Style

Natalie Franke

Hello everyone! My name is Natalie, but most people call me Nats. I’m a 23 year old designer, in love with photography, fashion and traveling. I’m here to write some thoughts about what I’ve learn about style and selfcare, and I invite you to learn with me along the way!


“Less is more” the words from the architect Mies van Der Rohe are quoted in every single minimalist blog. Because it’s a phrase that associates with a certain idea of elegance and sophistication. And if you’re here you’re not only looking for that specific approach but also wondering how to achieve this style without looking boring or repetitive. I hope my tips and keys will help you to dress with a minimalist style:


1. The colors

One of the most common misconceptions about a minimalist wardrobe is the colors. You’re not forced to dress only in black and white. It’s not about the colors but the combinations. If you opt for a minimal wardrobe, the chances are that you’re looking to have fewer but better clothing pieces. So you will be looking for garments that combine with each other, which is a lot easier if they are all white or black, right? That’s why most minimalist outfits feature only those two colors.

The easiest way to add color is to stick to neutrals, so you can create a lot of outfits with few garments. For example, a camel, denim, grey, military green or dusty pink will always be easy to combine.

If you want to add bright colors, there are two ways that I think can work really well. The first one is stick to an outfit with no more than 3 colors (including black, white or neutrals). That way the bright color can become a focal piece. The second approach is to go for a monochrome look, combining pieces with the same color in different tones can create a fresh youthful aura.


2. The cut and fabric

In a minimalist style, the colors become somewhat limited, that’s why we must know how to look fashionable. The best way to give richness and fun to your outfit is to combine different textures and materials. If you want to create innovative minimalist looks, put on some infrequent fabrics. The visual effect will be greater as the contrast of the textile combinations. Minimalist style garments should be made of high-quality materials: fine and smooth wool, fluid silk, velvety suede, leather, satin…

But the most important thing is to pay attention to the cutting of clothes. With “the cut” I mean the way the garment hangs on the body and the shape it creates. This depends a lot on the pieces and the material in which the clothing item was built. The cut should emphasize the body parts that favor us. It can be a tight silhouette or a straight cut or even a balloon skirt.

The key to a moderate and sophisticated look is that the clothes should fit well. If there’s a weird lump in your back or something you don’t like is emphasized, it is not a good garment for a minimalist outfit. In a simple and neat outfit, this clothing defect will become a focal point. Well-tailored clothes will always help to achieve a stylish look.

My bet is to go for garments with basic cuts and simple prints. Basics will always look minimal and effortless. Try not to go for garments that are very complex or for prints that are too flashy. Search for clothes with straight and simple lines. If you want to try prints, go with minimal or small ones, like little dots or fine lines.

Search for pieces that prevail and match together. I love basics because they are super versatile. Keep garments with shapes and styles that can be easily combined and serve on different occasions. And yes, it is completely valid to incorporate a pair of garments that correspond to a current or different trend.

3. The details

Minimalism is a precise image expressed with no decorations. However, details are really important when going for a sophisticated look. That is the first mistake many people do and why they don’t achieve the appearance they desire and end up looking cheap. When you’re becoming a minimalist it’s important to start investing in things that are a little bit more high quality. The reason is that you want those things to last for a long time. Searching for garments with even stitches; strong, secured buttons and flat smooth zips can make a really big difference in the way you look. Because those little details reflect elegance sophistication when taking care of, instead of scruffiness when forgotten.

Accessorizing is easy when following a minimalist style because you don’t need much. Straight, small, simple designs. Nothing to crowdy and never too many. Remember to keep it minimal, if you’re wearing earrings is best not to wear a necklace, or if you like bracelets try to wear just one each time. The trick is to add just a little detail to emphasize yourself. Remember that you’re wearing the outfit, not the other way around.


4. The shoes

Unlike other fashion styles, shoes are one of the most important steps in creating a minimalist yet fashionable look. When the clothes are mostly basics, shoes and accessories are the ones that set the level of formality. Nothing says “chill” as a pair of sneakers. When you’re aiming for a nice look you’ll probably go for high-heels. The shoes must always match the occasion. When choosing a pair of shoes that go with the minimalist style, don’t look for models with ties, rhinestones, studs, and similar elements. But models that combine with several different shades will look great. The appearance of the shoes should be laconic and elegant to the fullest.


Remember that all I’ve given you here are not unbreakable rules, and you can make up and follow your own ones. An unexpected touch of color or more stunning makeup to counteract will look excellent if that’s what you’re aiming for. Style is about confidence. If you look at your favorite style icons, you’ll see that sometimes they can wear the simplest clothes, and look awesome. Why? Because they wear them with confidence. I hope I’ve given you some additional advantage, and that I’ve helped you achieve the style you’re looking for.