The Off-Shoulder Ruffle Trend & Why We're Raving.

Winfred M. Agatha

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You’ve probably come across this trend; on the streets, on the runway, at the beach, on a fun day out. Name it! This current trend has got us ravishing! The off-shoulder ruffle trend!

Let’s BackTrack a little.

Back in the day, off-shoulder dresses and tops were a thing, but as you know fashion, ever-evolving, changing and keeping us on our toes, this trend was dropped a while back. However, late last year the off-shoulder trend was back in full swing. Unimaginably irresistible, we’ve seen dresses, tops, crop tops and even jumpsuits, made from this trend. It’s also a trend that has managed to cut across different age groups. The young, the old, and especially millennial’s. We have definitely seen toddlers running around in their cute off shoulder ruffled outfits, with their mothers' adorably following suit behind them in the same style of clothing. There’s definitely no age limit on this one, and brands are very much woke to this. It’s also a trend for all places and occasions. We have even seen this trend on brides, their bridesmaids, runways, and even at the beach on swimsuits. everywhere!

In came the ruffles.

The trend has further developed and in came the ruffles. Just by adding ruffles to the top of the off-shoulder pieces has caused us to even rave a bit more about this trend. We have body-con knee-length dresses being made, we’ve got long free summer dresses being made, crop tops, corset-like tops, short free dresses, bodysuits, sleeve tops, sleeve dresses, swimwear ranging from bikinis to one-piece swimsuits, all prints and styles of maxi and midi dresses, and even sweaters! The list is endless and here’s why we cannot contain it.

Reasons to Love This Trend!

Amidst the variable styles, prints, designs & materials that come in these pieces of clothing, there are certainly several reasons to love the off shoulder ruffle trend. Here’s to mention but a few!

Instant Chic.

The instant chic feeling that it brings once it’s on you! Off-shoulder dresses and tops have always added a bit of sexy and chic to the outfit that someone is wearing, so you can imagine how quickly multiplied that feeling is once ruffles are added to your off-shoulder article of clothing. The ruffles will turn any lazy outfit into a very chic outfit, making the person wearing it look ten times cuter and we’re absolutely in love.

For Any body type.

Secondly, we cannot even begin to express how much these pieces accentuate ANY body type. I’m talking about the slim thin girl, the slim thick one, the thick girl, the girl with a big bust, the one with a smaller bust, the round body shaped girl or the pear body shaped girl. Whether you’ve got a thin waist and a rounder bottom part of your body, or a slimmer bottom with a thicker top part of your body. Every girl can look amazing with this. The reason being it tends to put more emphasis on enhancing your features and your shape. If you have got a small bust, it takes away the attention on that part of the body letting us focus on the beautiful ruffles that we see in front of us. The larger ruffles would do the trick for this girl even much so creating an illusion of a body type. For the round shaped girl with a bigger bust, that would like to balance it out with the rest of the body, smaller ruffles would work magic and go ahead to accentuate or even create a waistline making it look all the more fabulous. Putting some level of focus around the shoulders and simply complementing the rest of the body shape for any girl has got us all looking amazing in this trend. Therefore, any girl with any body shape will absolutely look amazing with a ruffled top or dress.

It’s Versatility.

More to our pleasure, this trend is available in all pieces of clothing, being able to fit into any of our personal styles and we’re absolutely in love. It’s a very versatile trend, found in all articles of clothing. This just means whatever kind of style you are already comfortable with, you can incorporate this trend. For example, are you the tiny shorts and crop top fun kind of girl, then throwing on a ruffled off the shoulder crop top to pair with your shorts is going to put you on the edge. Are you more of leggings, kicks, and sweater on most days kind of girl, you can still grab your leggings to pair with a cute ruffled off the shoulder sweater top. So ranging from the most conservative to least conservative style, this trend’s got you covered!

Different kinds of ruffles.

On top of that, the pleats that are used to form the ruffles vary, and designers have picked up on that so we can have different forms of the ruffles draping off our shoulders. You can also easily vary the material that you wear, put on a light material ruffled off the shoulder bodysuit today with your jeans, and the next day with your leggings you throw on a crotchet off the shoulder sweater and be on the go.  

Dress it down Dress it up.

Another reason we love it is that You can dress it down or you can dress it up! Here’s how! You can wear your ruffle off the shoulder top with a pencil skirt, dawn on some heels, and you’re ready for a casual business meeting. You’ve got a night out with your significant other and you want to bring your A-list look tonight? No worries, you can dawn on your ruffled off the shoulder dress, to accentuate your shape and features, look stunning, and be on the go already! You feel like it’s a nice day to keep your feet in seawater? Then you can very well dawn on your ruffled off the shoulder swimsuit, lay down your hair, and get ready for a nice tan. There’s just so many ways to wear this trend and we’re in love! Here’s a maxi off shoulder ruffled dress paired with a nice brown round hat.

All Occasions.

As you can already imagine, there’s just so many ways to wear this, so many occasions you can fit it. A subtle excuse to show off your amazing upper features, and have everyone looking chic, trendy and definitely fashion forward. Looking for something for your bridal party? Dress your girls up in these ruffled pieces, let them show off their pretty collar bones. And instantly you have yourself a happy bridal party feeling very pretty indeed. After all, if we look good we feel good! Here’s a bride beautifully rocking this trend in lace.

To Conclude.

Personally, pairing a ruffled crop top with a nice pair of jeans has become my favorite thing to do of late. Available to us in all stores and brands around us, be sure to grab yourself an off-shoulder ruffled article of clothing. Grab yourself a crop top, a jumpsuit, a body-con dress or swimsuit for the lovely sunny days. Don’t let this trend pass you by! Look chic, classy, fun and trendy in an Off-Shoulder Ruffled Piece! Love, Winx