The Perfect Jeans For Your Body Type

by Bhavyaa Shree

July 21, 2019

Jeans are the second most universal piece of clothing, after clothing. They’re so basic to our wardrobe and so easy as a daily-wear, that finding the right one for yourself becomes a necessity. Another frustrating thing to rummaging for the perfect one is considering the aspects of comfort and style all in one, especially when you have to choose between the variety of jeans styles, fabrics, rise and lengths the market has to offer.

When trying to get hold of the pair that suits your needs and body type, trying on each style isn’t the most wonderful option. Hence, you have us here to help you find the perfect pair of jeans, as per your body type.



The Apple/ Inverted Triangle Type

Apple shapes are characterized by more weight around the midsection and leaner bottoms ( just as the inverted triangles).

If you relate to this body type, fetch for only and only mid-rise waists. Straight legged denims will help balance out the ratio while skinny fits are a definite no-go. If you ever feel like going for the high waists, make sure the look is seamless and proportioned as you don’t want the few extra scales around your midriff to catch eyes. Choose distressed denims in light washes for a curvier look and a flaunting lift at the hip section.


Pear Shape

Such body types have most of their weight around their lower body, that is, the thighs, hips, and buttocks. The upper body is tapered and slim.

Mid-rise to ultra highs work perfectly for your curves, provided the coverage is smooth and effortless. Boyfriend jeans, straight legs, and flared legs also provide an even and subtle delineation. Try avoiding super skinny jeans in stretch denim as they tend to bulk out your hips making them look heavier than before. Vintage-looking denim boot cuts can make for an absolute polished get-up for you.


Hourglass Shape

It’s easy to tell that hourglasses have a perfectly proportioned weight distribution, with nearly equal bust and hip measurements.

High rise skinny fits are the perfect pair for your shape. They enhance and outline your curves just with the right hold. You can also go for low waist, ankle-length in slim fits for showcasing a bolder look. Wearing lighter and vintage washes can really make you stand out and call for the flashy in you. Any additional seams or hems are not suggested as their absence will make for a cleaner and up to the minute demeanor.


Rectangle Shape/ Tapered Hips/ Athletic Build

A rectangular body is one with similar measurements throughout all sections. Athletic type, on the other hand, demonstrates toned and tightened muscles with well-built shoulders.

If you have the bare minimum curves and a linear figure, high waist shaper denims are just for you. Don’t fetch for ultra highs as they might not give the perfect butt lift you need. The rise should not be more than 2-3 inches above the navel. Boyfriend jeans and high rise wide leg jeans work on creating the desired illusion. Additionally, fun hems and embellishments through the lengths draw attention away from the lean sections.



Petite Build

Petite body frames are builds with stature 5’3″ or below. It has nothing to do with the body weight distribution, as is sometimes wrongly conceptualized.

Being a petite myself, I certainly know the struggles of having to choose cautiously while buying the right pair of jeans for myself. Dark wash high waists give the ideal illusion of elongated legs and midsection. Slightly distressed fade wash high risers create an extended optical effect making you look taller. Curvy petite women should go for snug fits and flare denims. Boot cuts and vertical stripes can be other picks in the line for you.


Tall Build

Most women with heights above 5’8″ scramble through places to find a good fit denim for themselves that can impress, as well. It sometimes seems as difficult as finding a single grain in the hay, but hey, with Style Plus you can consider yourself rescued.

Look for mid-rises in the wide-legged denim section or ask for mini flare boot cuts in dark denims. These stand very apt to shrug off the attention from your long legs and place them on your bold style statement. If you drool at wanting to wear high waists, make sure it has wide hems throughout.



Plus Size

Here’s to all my Plus Size women, you can look as incredible as any of us with the right pair of jeans. If you are one with the amazing plus size curves, you can leave your worrying right here because we have got you sorted.

The best kinds of jeans for your type are the snug fits and sculpting skinnies. They give a slenderizing effect throughout, from the mid to the ankle. When worn in high rises, it can help prevent accentuating your belly. Embellished jeans in dark washes are perfect for the dressing up occasions as it will make you look fancy in a minute. You can also choose a pair that starts with a slim fit up to the knee break giving a neat bell-bottom reaching the ankle.

Some Pro Tips For The Plus Size:

  • Never choose super-stretch denims- They are likely to bulk up your silhouette.
  • Try to avoid lighter and bleach wash denims.
  • Low waists are a definite no.
  • Keep the fit a little loose, it paves for the pleasant-looking seams.
  • Add flashy accessories to bold out your confidence.


As you must have understood up till now, Jeans work out for anyone and everyone. You don’t need a specific body grade or figure to slay in your denims. Although it is true that not all denims do justice to all body types, one ought not to stop oneself from trying on their favorite styles just because of a mere typical projection. At the end of the day, how you see yourself matters more than how others see you.

Besides, you can always be the Shay Mitchell to rock your red carpet in jeans and still catch the eye, all you gotta do is find your best friend in the face of the perfect denim pair and voila! You’re ready to take over the world.


Bhavyaa Shree

By Bhavyaa Shree

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