This is Why Handbags are A Lady's Best Friend

Ifeoma Ndidi

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When it comes to a lady’s handbag, men have difficulty seeing the importance women attach to the accessory. They often see it as a sewn and designed leather pack meant to carry their belongings. For a Lady, handbags are more than just a means of carrying their belongings, it’s a private space, a world, an extension of their style, and of themselves.

As much as ladies like to walk around with their essentials stored in a handbag, they would readily carry an empty handbag if it adds a bit of flair to their outfit of the day. You know why? Your guess is as good as mine: it is a part of who they are and how they feel at a particular time. For them, it is an easy way of expressing themselves.

What Research Shows About Handbags

According to research, the revenue on handbags has doubled over the last 10 years. The study which was carried out by Claire Birks shows that this rise in sales is as a result of must-have celebrity handbags; a designer handbag spotted with Kim Kadarshian would automatically make that bag a must-have commodity. Another thing that could be responsible for this rise is the tremendous growth of working-class women. Not only can they afford it, but they also need to look the part, always wanting to look better than their colleagues subconsciously. Not disregarding the fact that they, however, have a variety of handbags for every occasion – from a night out with friends to an elegant party.  

Bags and other accessories are now making statements in the fashion world, something only accustomed to clothing. For a lady, irrespective of what she is wearing, when paired with a good bag and some nice killer heels, she will look whatever part she was going for in the first place.

A good accessory like a designer handbag has the ability to alleviate a woman’s status in any society she finds herself in, it also has the power of altering her mood and for this reason, women will give an arm and a leg to make sure they acquire one or several as the case may be.

While the male folks will continue to be baffled at a woman’s attraction to a handbag, the demand for this accessory continues to skyrocket. A study conducted as early as 2005 found out that 60 percent of ladies own a minimum of 10 handbags, while the remaining 30 percent owned at least 25 handbags.

One might wonder what exactly an average lady’s handbag contains. A survey carried out on about 1,700 ladies revealed that a typical lady’s handbag contains a mobile phone, a makeup purse, a hairbrush, a dairy, keys, wipes, perfume and a pair of sunglasses. And when asked the worth of the contents of their bag, they revealed its worth 200 dollars.

The History of Handbags

So how did it all begin? The term handbag began appearing in the early 1900s. Initially, it was most often used to refer to a man’s hand-luggage, but it was a matter of time before it took a new turn. During the 20th century, fashion and art began to develop into something phenomenal, and the handbag just like other fashion accessories evolved with them. Worthy of note, however, was the emancipation of women as a major influence in the development of handbags. Due to this new development, more women saw the need to own one or more handbags because of their new employment status. As a result of their new corporate status, their need to be able to carry their personal items about increased and as expected this saw the rise in all sorts of bags for various purposes, such as going to the office, visiting friends, going to parties and so on.

With this rise came a need for branding which gave birth to well-known designers of luxurious handbags such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermes, and Gucci. Unlike centuries ago were the designs and style of handbags could remain a certain way for years, handbags have developed into a fashion statement that changes every season.

Types of Handbags

Every season comes with a different type of handbag. Below are some of the famous types of handbags carried by ladies;

Shoulder bag

This can also be referred to as the ‘Everyday bag’. It is called so because it is one of the most functional handbags carried by a lady. They are usually large, capable of carrying all the necessities of a woman.


This is a career woman’s handbag. They can double as both a laptop bag and an everyday bag. It comes in a medium to large size and it can basically fit their basic needs for the office. A satchel is worth investing in if a woman intends to make a statement with her handbag at the office, so it needs to be of the best quality.

Sling bag

it can also be called a cross-body bag. This handbag is usually small and stylish. Perfect for a casual outing or running errands. It is functional in every way and very chic. With a sling bag your phones, wipes, and lip gloss is safe.


This bag is elegance and class at its peak. Perfect for a dinner date, an event or a party. However with this bag, a lady has to decide what is worth taking along and what is best to leave behind, this is because it usually comes in small sizes. It’s small but sophisticated.


Made to function as a wallet, this handbag is very comfortable to carry about. They can fit a lady’s cash, card, phone and maybe a lipstick.

Beach bag

Ladies have a bag for everything, hence the beach bag. It’s large and usually comes in a waterproof model. Just as the name implies, it is used to carry a lady’s essentials for a day out on the beach. After a short interview with several ladies on their perspectives on bags, a lot of opinions was given by each individual. And it’s interesting to note that they all share the same opinion. Most ladies approached revealed the joy they feel knowing that they can carry half their world in a cute container that complements their outfit. All these make the handbag their best friend.

If you still don’t understand why handbags are a lady’s best friend, then watch their attitude closely when carrying one and if you’re a lady, watch yours too. However, if you feel that too much fuss is being made about handbags, try going a month without one.