Tips on how to rock denim in 2018

Catherine Adomi

I enjoy writing. I’d love for people to read my work and share their thoughts on it. I hope to connect with my readers with my words.

Denim is one of the most flexible fabrics existing in the fashion industry from the 70’s until today. The beauty of denim is in its simplicity. It can be anything you want it to be, you just have to be creative or daring enough to let your imagination run wild. Denim is a very resilient fabric that is produced to withstand the strain of wear and tear, allowing it to last for years and also be comfortable. So if you’re going for the laid-back and comfy look you can never go wrong with a pair of denim jeans or skirt. It could even be a denim dress! The denim look is very versatile and has a lot of styles and looks you could try. There are also a lot of DIY trends you can try with a denim piece. Just look online if you have an old pair of jeans that are starting to seem to plain. You are guaranteed to find a lot of style inspirations you can do yourself. Here are some ideas for 2018 trends you can always try by yourself:

Frayed Edges

To give your outfit an edgy look, you cannot go wrong with getting frayed edges. Frayed edges give off a carefree, effortless and fun vibe. It can be used on skirts, dresses and jackets too not just on jeans. It can be paired with heels or a pair of sleek converses; the frayed look can transform your usual style instantly and grab attention wherever you strut without you having to break a sweat!


A lovely and colourful way to spice up a denim look is with some colourful thread! You can show off your creative and artistic side by wearing your own denim canvas proudly. It does not have to be an elaborate pattern or design. It could be your favourite flower, your philosophy of life, a special day, a special word or a special person. It could just be something beautiful and meaningful enough for you to enjoy wearing when you’re feeling creative. I especially look this innovation as it is chic, exciting and expressive. Some of the best denim looks are those with embroidery. Give it a try!


I recently discovered this one and it’s already a personal favourite. The patchwork style is creative as it combines seemingly contrasting fabrics on denim. It can be seen as a variation of the ‘ripped jeans’ trend. If you’re more of the conservative type, you would prefer this style to the ripped as it does not expose any skin by shows a rugged style by the ‘scattered’ patterns. This makes for a chilled and creative look. You can do this by yourself too; you do not need so much expertise to express your creativity with colourful fabrics and some sturdy denim.

Side strip

The side strip is eye-catching and unique as it spices up denim by lining the side hems with a thick panel of a different shade of denim or fabric. The side strip relieves you of the boredom of wearing a plain pair of denim jeans or jacket over and over by adding a creative flair. You cannot go unnoticed walking in a pair of jeans with side strips. A denim dress with side stripes of a different fabric is another way to go. It draws attention to the sides and to the shape of the body nicely. It is a bold look that draws attention if you want to stand out here’s a look you can try.

Ultra cuff

Upturning the hem of a pair of jeans or sleeves to make a very wide width is known as the ultra-cuff. The ultra-cuff is daring. You’d have to be brave to try this one out. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you cannot rock the look you could end up looking ridiculous but if you get the hang of it you could look ridiculously cool. Instead of the regular thin cuff on the edges of sleeves and pant legs, this style trend defies it by going impossibly wider and higher up the leg or sleeve. It’s an interesting look though; it shows off a daring and bold fashion sense. Don’t be scared, give it a shot.

Baggy jeans

Baggy jeans are the definition of laid back. Think of sweatpants but this time in denim; that’s what baggy jeans are. It’s a look that just screams ‘I don’t really care what you think. I’m comfortable and I feel good too.’ If you’re not feeling like wearing a pair of tight pants, you can always pull on a baggy pair of jeans and let it hang over your frame letting your shoes peek out just a little bit. It’s a cute and chill look for a day when you’re feeling like you need a break and you just want to feel comfortable.

Sequins and beads

This look just screams cute and creative by adding detail to a pair of denim jeans or a skirt with some beads or sequins much like embroidery. This look is playful and youthful. You cannot be wearing a denim number embellished with colourful and shiny beads or sequins without a smile. It works with any style of denim; Mom jeans, Skinny jeans, long denim skirts or dresses, denim jackets name it, it will work.

Asymmetrical patterns/designs

Uneven denim patterns in dresses, skirts, pants and jackets. The asymmetrical look is crazy in its appearance because of how the pieces are shaped or cut unevenly. The front of a skirt could be longer than the back or vice versa. The lengths of the front panels of jackets can be uneven in lengths. Irregularity is the way to go with this style. You can’t go wrong with an asymmetrical look. This style freely allows you express your fashion sense and creativity. You can surprise others by being daring in an asymmetrical denim piece. It’s going to be all the rage this season.

Denim; it’s like a blank canvas just waiting to be transformed into your playground. Wouldn’t you agree?