Tips to maintain curly hair


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It’s a great time to be in the world today. With every passing day, the world is becoming a happier, more inclusive place that has something for everyone. Having grown up constantly seeing straight and shiny hair on magazine covers, my little heart would experience sadness looking at my curly hair. I have been the holder of a wide variety of nicknames because of the same too: Noodles, Maggi, Curly and what not. But thankfully, we’ve come to a place where there is no one kind of beautiful and people can take a breath and celebrate themselves for everything they are which truly, never stops at one aspect. So here we are, embracing our curly hair today…let’s take a small trip down the lane that would teach us how to take better care of them!

Curly Hair

1. Never comb on dry hair:

If you would go through your history textbooks and open the chapter from my childhood, you would find constant oiling and combing of curly hair. Although the constant oiling reduced eventually, it was still a must before a hair wash. This meant combing through tangled hair and breaking hair strands through all the friction and frizz. The end result never seemed worthy enough of all the hard work either. Curly hair needs softening before it has to be combed. So the ideal time to do so would be after applying a generous amount of conditioner and with a wide-toothed comb. That is pretty much the only time as once you’re done with washing and styling your hair, it isn’t a great idea to get your comb anywhere closer till the next wash.

2. Understand your hair type:

The kind of products you would use to help your curly hair would depend upon the porosity and type of your hair. The porosity of your hair indicates the amount of moisture it allows and lets out. Hair with low porosity wouldn’t let in any moisture and hence might get damaged by product buildup. On the other hand, hair with high porosity would let in chemicals and moisture and hence constant chemical treatments would be harsh on them. Determining your hair type (different types of wavy to curly) can help you understand how mild or strong your products would need to be and about the styling techniques that would suit your hair the best. You can find more information about understanding your hair here.

3. Follow a routine:

Curly hair needs to be treated very differently when compared to straight hair. And while initially, the routine seems extremely hectic and overwhelming, with time, practice and the results, it would be easier to make it a habit. Curly Girl routine or CG method can be found with extreme ease anywhere on the web. Here’s a step-wise process for beginners. If this is the first time that you are being introduced to maintaining a routine for your hair, then it is very plausible that the transformation will take time. Curly hair which hasn’t been taken care of for a really long time will not turn into beautiful curls in one hair wash session and hence, patience is important. Taking care of your hair and using various curly hair styling practices will produce great results in time.

4. Inculcate deep-conditioning in your routine:

For curly hair which has undergone many treatments and feels dry and frizzy, deep-conditioning proves to be really helpful. For beginners who are just getting started on the curly girl method, including deep-conditioning in the routine once a week can help with a faster transition. Deep conditioning is simply providing your hair with all the moisture and essential nutrients it requires through the help of a hair mask. This should be done once in a week or two weeks.

5. There is never one best:

Currently, there are a high number of blogs talking about curly hair and the products required to get started with the curly girl routine. However, it is important to understand when you start off, that your focus should be on how rather than what. In the sense that, barring the minimum requirements (like using products with no silicone, etc.) the major focus should be on the technique of taking care of your hair. Once you get a hang of it, look for products that would suit your hair. The best product according to one particular blog might not work for you at all and that’s okay. The best product would be the product that works for you!

6. Excessive heat is not your best friend:

Styling methods will have to be put on a check when taking care of your curly hair. While this does not mean that you have to entirely give up on blow-drying or straightening your hair every once in a while, it has to be understood that excessive heat through different styling techniques will lead to split ends. A worse consequence would be that your hair wouldn’t curl as much anymore and it would take a longer time for your hair to transition into healthy curly hair. Moderation is the key when it comes to both heat and styling.

7. Don’t feel lost with comparisons:

This journey has its own unique obstacles and everyone would follow their own path. While some might get to the endpoint more easily, some others might take a longer time to reach there. Some have difficulty in understanding the kind of products that would help while some others find what they need in their first try. It is important to remember that everyone is on their own journey which is entirely different than yours. It will take time to get there, but you will surely eventually be there. Have patience and persistence through this journey.

8. It is about healthy hair, at the end of the day:

Not a lot of people would understand the whole concept of a routine, hair types, deep-conditioning and the jargon involved in the process of taking care of your hair and that’s okay. Do not be discouraged by it. Always keep it in your mind that with each wash you are providing to your hair like never before and making it healthier than it has ever been. However your hair looks, it would be healthy, thanks to all the attention you have given it. And thanks to you, some other kid wouldn’t grow up thinking something is wrong with her hair or unable to take care of it.