Top 10 Fashion Accessories trending in 2018

Trisa Ghosh

I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. I am very passionate about writing and am also an avid book reader thus I indulge in book review writing. I am greatly influenced by fashion and love writing about new trends, tips and tricks on the same.

Accessories have always been part of our past. It is still very much in its glory days in the present and will continue to rule through in the future. The fashion world is filled with trends over the centuries but these trends will always be lacking without the touch of accessories. Even the simplest of clothing can be taken to the next level with the help of clothing accessories. With a belt here, a bracelet there, some pumps to go with it and the perfect piece of neck jewellery, every choice of accessory accentuates the look. Detailings are the key to a successful fashion outfit. No outfit is wrong independently as a piece, but the choice of arrangement with reference to the fashion season and year will decide if your outfit is in fashion or out of fashion.

News-Boy or Baker-Boy Hats:-

As summer rolls in and folks are getting ready with wide-rimmed straw hats, the fashion world has something else in its mind. The Baker-Boy hats have made an official come back and is looking better than ever. The style was first sported by Bella Hadid and later on, the style continued to shine with the likes of Zendaya, Sophia Richie, Emily Ratajkowski and more. The hat looks fab with any outfit be it a dress, semi-formal look or just with a casual pair of jeans.  

Footwear to walk in comfort:-

The heels have taken a back seat this season as fashion weeks are seen sporting more platform heels and boots. For ladies who wish to add a little extra inch to their height without having to go through the pain of heels, these quirky yet comfortable heels are the best option. These shoes have been sported largely in street style fashion.  

Shoulder Lenght Statement Earrings:-

This trend has been surviving for quite a few seasons now and it doesn’t seem like it is going to fade away any soon. With every season the length of these earrings keeps on increasing to new extremes with more bolder species coming into existence. Thus the bold, loud, shoulder-length earrings are in fashion this season. It is paired best with a casual pair of jeans, a simple dress and formal outfits as well.  

Geometrical Bags:-

Bags of all shapes and sizes have come into existence this season. Dolce Gabbana can be seen coming up with more circular bags while CĂ©line has come up with more spherical bags. These new shapes are very much versatile and can be sported with formal outfits, dresses, pant-suits and more. These new bags choices give the fashion world more possibilities to chose from to evolve and revolutionise future trends.  

Belt Bags:-

Belt bags never left the stage. These unique bags continue to rule street fashion till date. The trend as a classic touch of fashion with functionality. The practicality and versatility of these bags make them a must-have in any women’s wardrobe. This style goes well with dresses styled with a structured belt back or pantsuit semi-formal outfits as well. The bags flatter best with casual streetwear outfits.  

Tiny Matrix Sunglasses:-

The tiny sunglasses are here to stay as said by fashion experts. The trend was sported after a long time by Bella Hadid. The trend was then followed by all of Bella’s Instagram followers and thus has taken the fashion world with a storm. These sleek and stylish pair of shades have made the oversized sunglasses take a back seat. Both celebrities and street style star alike have taken a note of this trend in their outfits.  


The fashion world is fascinated by the idea of oversized gloves. Making an appearance in runways of the likes of Marc Jacobs and KochĂ©. Full-length gloves with dressier outfits are well matched while sportier versions of gloves can be used to compliment street fashion clothing.  

Shiny Earrings:-

Although Using bling earrings can be a little tricky but if styled rightly with a complimenting outfit, then it’s the best thing ever. The bling earrings or chandelier earrings are back in trend. These earrings are best styled with dresses, shiny party outfits or full-length dress as well. Smaller versions of the bling earrings can be sported with casual outfits and street style clothing.  

Transparent Handbags:-

These bags are simple yet stylish in their own way. The best part is that it puts every item in your bag in the spotlight. These bags come in various sizes, a small one for your handy purpose, a tote bag size for shopping in style. This is one of the best inventions for the neat freaks. So check out the clear purse from Valentino or clear shopping bags at Céline before you grab onto this amazing fashion essential.

The Super Sneakers:-

The aftermath of the overly populated white sneaker trend is the super sneakers. These overly dramatic sneakers come in various styles as per one’s needs. The sneakers could either have a weird tail or an upturned front, an oversized pattern of florals, studded spikes all over or simply blingy and sparkly. Every sneaker can be worn with a different outfit, either complimenting the outfit or in contrast with the outfit is up to the style of the wearer. In the age of Instagram and Pinterest, looks matter. But what matters furthermore is the need to stay in tune with the latest trend. Accessories play an important part in our daily lifestyle.  For example, your plain LBD-Little Black Dress may look great but by adding a multicoloured jacket, the extra pop of colour would give it a different character altogether. At the end of it all, fashion is an ever-growing concept that changes with the needs, wants and desires either of the trendsetters, the trend leaders or the general mass. What you choose is what you are. Be the trend that you want to be but make sure to check out these new trends though to always be in fashion.