Trendy Wardrobe Choices For Spring Summer 2018

Adeeba Arif

Writing is a passion of mine, reading is a hobby, and music is a guilty pleasure.

Have you ever had the song Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer by Nat King Cole stuck in your head for days at end? Because believe it or not, I have. And trust me, it is one of those annoyingly pretty songs to hum which imperceptibly takes up residence in your brain and goes off like a broken record on a loop. Now, my current fling with the song must have been the result of my Gilmore Girls binge-watching, as it was in Season 3’s premiere that this particular track was blasting throughout Stars Hollow for the entirety of the episode, or maybe it is because my brain is subconsciously sweating over the imminent arrival of Summer. Hmm, guess I would never know.

But here’s what I do know. Those comfy jackets and long overcoats, that came to my rescue during most of my Winter outings to wear over less-than-appealing blouses and tops, are well on their way to being stuffed in the back of my closet, and they won’t be seeing the light of day until the last quarter of the year hits. Until then, it is Ciao, sweaters, jumpers, and scarves. You all were a real peach, but until next time. Hasta la vista! And since the warm clothes have left the building (figuratively), it is time to prepare ourselves for the seasons that are about to grace our lives.

With Spring fast approaching, courtesy of the flowers blooming all around, it is time to hit the stores and make some additions to our chrome rails without plunging our credit cards into an overdraft, or we could scrounge up those thin, airy clothes that are lying in a discarded heap inside our crammed-up closets. We see you, we need you. However, before we put on our fawn flip-flops and start spending our hard earned bucks on building a Spring/Summer wardrobe, let us take a look at the affordable fashion items which are making a buzz this year.

Floral Patterns – Flowers Here, Flowers There, Flowers Everywhere

There is no better way to get into the Spring spirit (not as important as Christmas, but it is a thing) than to put on a vintage floral pattern, as they are considered the latest fashion choice making waves in the world. But, these dainty prints do come with a surprising twist making them well worth the money spent on purchasing them. Which brings me to my humble inquiry, did you ever think of creating a wardrobe that catered to your professional, as well as your casual needs? Well, enters floral patterns. You can cheerfully sport a floral patterned knee-length dress on a Sunday evening when surrounded by friends and family, offering a refreshing change to your plain old jeans, or you can add a certain chicness to your personality by putting on a thin black cardigan and wearing the same outfit on a Monday morning at work, keeping the look professional and vibrant.

Playing With Colors Is The Latest Motto

Oh, you thought pastel colors and bright contrasts were a thing of the past? Think again, because 2018 is here to prove you wrong. Vivid colors and subdued palettes are both doing rounds around town in a variety of combinations that are picture-perfect for sunny days and balmy, breezy nights. Mix and match is the key today, people. Pair your pastel-colored top with duck-egg blue pants, or wear a bright maroon shirt with your peach-colored trousers. Better yet, sport a white dress-pant with a soft-hued shirtwaist and you will feel right at your cubicle desk, ready for work. Simply put, broaden your horizons and make fashion chemistry. For instance, you would be doing yourself a favor if you contemplated moving away from basic colors and decided to boldly dabble in variations, especially when concerning colors that you have picked for your bottoms. You could definitely do with a mauve, a cherry blossom, a grey. Those colors are considered “in” in our world today. (*whispers* You heard it here first). So, precisely speaking, open your wonderful world to more colors. Add a mahogany brown in there somewhere. Or a magenta, why not.

Satisfying Our Denim Needs Can Be A Slogan In 2018

Denim skirts and shorts are your sartorial bread and butter when the hot temperature hits. An informal outing is practically synonymous with a display of Denim, paired with a casual tee, a camisole, or a button-down shirt. Therefore, dusting off that ripped jeans, or dumping a short-sleeved Denim shirt from a shelf into your basket, along with a vest, and a bunch of jeans-skirts will come in handy throughout the upcoming seasons. Because let’s be honest, you will be pairing those midnight blue jeans with a multi-colored striped shirt or white silk blouse more often than you would care to admit.

Turn To Light-Colored Cardigans

Cardigans, despite creating fashion statements on a miniature level, are considered some of the inexpensive items that breathe a new life into your wardrobe. They are not incredibly warm to make you sweat buckets inside. Neither are they too open to take away from your decent, modest look. They are, what I like to call, just right. On top of not being on the indulgent side of your budget, they add a charming grace to your outfit, something that makes you look simple and put-together, while simultaneously conveying in not too many words that, “I’m well dressed and elegant.” Although, some of these items you may already have present in your fine wardrobe, obediently waiting to be worn, and others you might have to invest in (I know I do). In any case, you must know, that this is a long-term investment that will reap more than you have paid for it, because Summer is here to stay for a good number of months, and we can use these fashionable items of clothing in more ways than one. So, let’s put our fashionably savvy minds to use, shall we? It’s almost time to sport our cool shades and lounge on a sun-bed under the shade of an umbrella while sipping on a Mojito and no longer fighting the urge to dip our heads in the cool water. Spring is being welcomed with open arms, and Summer will be here in the blink of an eye, so let’s be ready for it when it does arrive.