Trendy Workout Clothes for Women in 2019

Liz Paelmo

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Haven’t started working out yet? That’s not a problem, milady! You still have six months left for this year, so make the most of it! If you want to look your best while sweating hard at the gym or wherever you’re working out, then check out these workout clothes we have listed below. They will definitely make you feel good about yourself.

1. Exercise Dresses

Who doesn’t fancy a pretty dress? Workout dresses are becoming trendy these days. Athleisure dresses make women look elegant as they exercise. Plus, not every lady can sport a dress while working out, so if you could, you'd definitely stand out! With so many available designs nowadays, I’m positive you can find one that’s perfect for you.

2. High-Rise Leggings

body-exercise-equipment-fit Leggings have been dominating women’s workout clothes for more than a decade, but high-rise ones have just started to become a trend. These leggings are made with stretchy fabric for the midsections of women, making them comfortable for workouts. With high-rise leggings and a sports bra, you won’t only look good at the gym; you’ll even feel great!

3. Animal Print

Our office attire, casual outfits, and party clothes have all integrated animal prints. It’s no wonder how workout clothes now feature trendy animal prints too! Animal print was a strong trend in the autumn and winter catwalks. This year, leopard and feline prints have decided to conquer workout clothes. Feline prints are preferable because they give you that sass. They also magically give you the energy you need wherever you are in the gym and whatever you’re doing—whether or not you’re lifting weights. Leopard leggings are excellent too, especially when they’re matched with a leopard sports bra.

4. Bike Shorts

If you’re not comfortable wearing sassy printed clothes or dresses while exercising, then bike shorts could be for you. It’s been a trend for a while now, and that actually came out as a shock to most people. It’s one of the mainstream workout clothes for women nowadays, but actually, it's also been a go-to bottom that's ideal for any casual place. The high and control-top waists, coupled with its thigh gap-shaping leg openings, will make any kind of woman look perfect.

5. Mesh Panels

Women Exercise Fitness Training Body Healthy The last one on our list is mesh panels. If you remember, last year 2018, mesh panels have dominated the pants. This year, they’re coming to sports bras and other tops. Mesh panels are sexy and breathable—a combination of fashion and function. In them, you can still look fabulous as you perform your workout routines. Mesh panels offer style and adequate ventilation to anyone clad in them. How fantastic, isn't?

What’s the point?

Some of you are probably wondering, “What's the point of being in trend? You're just going to work out anyway!” Well, aside from looking good, being in the trend when it comes to workout clothes can motivate you to exercise as well. We’re halfway through 2019, and though some women have followed their New Year’s resolution to stay fit and be consistent, some weren’t able to. It’s not yet too late, though, because six months is still long for anyone who's committed to change their bodies. Wearing trendy workout clothes isn’t just for the looks; it will also make you feel good. And that's the point.