Types of Temporary Tattoos for everyone in 2018

Pallavi Bhunjun

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History of Tattoos

Tattoos are alluring and a part of your skin but temporary ones are just art without the commitment. Tattooing varies from culture to culture. The word tattoo derives from the Tahitian word “tatu” which means to mark something. Tattoos are plausibly claimed to have surged 12,000 bc. In many parts of the world, it plays an important role in cultural, spiritual or religious uses. During the time of slavery, many slaves were marked as an ownership to their masters either with a letter or a design. Asian countries would use tattoos as a mark for social status unmarried girls would possess a type of tattoo so would married women. Nevertheless, in the contemporary society tattoos are seen as a pessimistic action; members of gangs, criminals or those who have served a sentence are the ones mostly marked with a tattoo. Mostly rebellious teens would make the life of tattoo artists but numerous would scruple to mark themselves for life. Multiple countries have the law of no tattoos on the job market as it is ill seen especially for white collar jobs and even careers. For hesitant people or those afraid of needles, temporary tattoos are always a good choice. Now there exist various types of temporary body art.  

Henna temporary tattoos(Mehendi)

Henna is a ravishing type of temporary tattoo used mostly in Asian and Middle-Eastern Societies. Henna comes from the tree Lawsonia Inermis also called the mignonette tree. Its designs have greatly evolved during the last decades due to new technology and mostly creativity. Henna used to be mostly for brides in different Asian societies putting a simple design on the palms of the hand or the back of the hand using the crushed henna paste from its leaves. Nowadays designs such as peacocks or Arabian style are applied and for everyone, even grooms.

How to apply it?

This temporary tattoo is not only applied on the hands but on the legs, waist, feet, back and many other body parts. The crushed paste is put in a corner like those used with cream in it to decorate cakes and it is applied to the skin. The henna should be left on the skin for a minimum of three to four hours to let it stain the skin and leave this nice dark brown color. Some people leave the henna on for up to 12 hours. To achieve this dark brown color one can put lemon and sugar on it, apply balm on it or just cover it so it gets heated.

Beliefs related to henna

It is believed in some cultures that the darker the henna, the more the person will get nice in-laws or for girls, they will have a loving husband. According to beliefs in the Indian Culture, the bride must not leave the house after the application of mehndi as its powerful smell may attract evil eyes.

Benefits of Henna to the health

Apart from design, the leaves of the Lawsonia Inermis tree have other benefits to the human body. The paste of henna has a very soothing smell, it acts as a stress reliever, it is one of the reasons people use it in weddings; to curb the stress of the marriage. It is also great for the health of the hair, it improves the appearance of the hair, control hair loss and some people use it to dye their hair.  Another use of henna is that it acts as a detoxifier and an anti-aging remedy. The leaves of the plant are boiled and drank on a regular basis to detox the inside of the body and diminish the appearance of wrinkles.  

Decal-style temporary tattoos

Decal-style temporary tattoos are the easiest, effortless and no commitment tattoos ever. These tattoos are so easy that even a child can apply them as in candies and snacks these tattoos can be found having fun shapes and images like flowers for girls or little spiders and other animals.

How is it applied?

The image that is produced can be easily removed with humidity that is water. The process of applying a decal tattoo to the skin is called decalcomania.

Material used

In the contemporary world, many designs of decal tattoo can be printed on its special material which can be acquired very easily or through online stores. The material used for the decal tattoo is the design printed on the top followed by a transfer film with a silicone release coating in the middle and the backing paper in the end.

Evolution of decal-style temporary tattoos

In addition to that nowadays perfumed decal tattoos are created and some may last more than a week of course accompanied by the fact that some are harmless and adapt to all types of skin: normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, combination skin or sensitive skin. Besides this type of tattoo can go with any age; a little girl will have a Disney character, a teenager going through a gothic phase may acquire the wings of a dark angel, a mature woman may have a really pleasant abstract floral art and a senior citizen may get a heart with their soul mate.  

Metallic Jewellery Tattoos


How can it be applied?

Decal style and Metallic style can be applied the same way; with moisture, that is water and soap. With the modernization of this tattoo, some are sold as stickers.

Born to shine

If you were born to shine metallic jewelry temporary tattoos are for you. This modern art is alluring, flashy and eye-catching either in gold, silver, and numerous other flashy colors. Celebrities are seen wearing those tattoos on their skin just like queen bee on her hips. Those tattoos just give life, they are so enticing that they seem ethereal in nature.

Where and when is it best worn?

Intractable to miss these can be worn on any skin color it would still be flashy. However, wearing it on a swimsuit at the beach or at a party with a fancy dress would look very extravagant than other occasions and places as gold and silver can be worn best when you are leading the crowd. Wearing it to Coachella would be perfect.

Airbrush Temporary Tattoos

Airbrushed tattoos are a different type of temporary tattoo. These must be applied by a professional, that is a tattoo artist as they require precision and practice to be perfect.

Application and removal

They may last 2 days or more than a week depending on the place where it is applied and the care taken for its lifetime. To remove it one must rub on rubbing alcohol or just scrub it off.

Material needed

The supplies needed to get an airbrushed tattoo are an airbrush, airbrush paint, stencils and someone or something to paint on but putting your hands on these are just a pain or if you are an artist buying the kits can be a good idea, they are available in online stores.

How to exploit its beauty?

It is much better to get this type of tattoo done professionally, its ink or paint is concocted to rest on the skin. These tattoos can be a real beauty if made correctly plus they are very realistic. Airbrush tattoos were originally invented by film producers to be used on movie characters. In short, tattoos are the real beauty and art of the human body it unites all races and age, in some ways it forms peace as everyone who dared to get a tattoo; needle one or temporary must have something in common. Is it fashion, freedom of expression, pain, a deep meaning, peace?  Maybe it is just beauty in disguise…