Wardrobe Essentials For A College Girl.

Zubia Ghouse

I’m a medical student with a bit of a creative side in me. I’m hardworking (med school duh..) and try to achieve my goals with passion.


Life in college is all about making it to the 9 a.m lecture on time, still looking presentable, with coffee in your veins keeping you up and alive through the day. There isn’t much time to get into your fashionista mode and create an outfit from your closet because your favorite clothes are in the laundry and half the clothes in your wardrobe aren’t wearable or you just dislike them for no reason.  Also, college is that time of your life where it is necessary to make a good impression on anyone and everyone you meet, you can’t go around looking like you just had four hours of sleep (even though you did) and didn’t even try to dress appropriately. You never know who you’re going to work with, in the future.  So if you aren’t looking your best and won’t be confident about yourself this will affect the way people think about you.

But fret not my friend! here I have a list of college wardrobe essentials that you can rely on for creating easy and on the go outfits without using much brain power on those Monday mornings.

What to include in your wardrobe?

Now when it comes to “the essentials wardrobe list” what comes to your mind is the basic white shirt, dark denim, a cute blouse etc. No doubt these items are a must have but, they aren’t special and basic clothing every day may make you look boring. The ideal college wardrobe must include basics of course but, with little twists and comfortable yet stylish clothes to get you through the day. The main point being- wear comfortable clothes but do not compromise on fashion.

Must haves!


An item you can wear that you don’t need to pair with anything: a dress! Dresses are usually the most feminine clothing items, you will look cute without even trying. They are associated with the “girly looks”.  But you can choose according to your style, there are so many. It could be any kind of a dress from floral to a plain black one. Little Black Dress: It would be a great idea to include a black dress in your wardrobe since you can dress it up or dress it down according to the occasion.

How to style:

  • Casual: Add a denim jacket with a scarf and a belt.
  • Formal: Keep it simple with some heels and elegant accessories.
Sweatshirt Dress: I recommend getting a sweatshirt dress. They are the answer to soft, cozy and comfy dresses. They are nice and warm so you can skip the jacket if you want.

How to style:
  • pair it with a blanket scarf if you need more warmth.
  • put on a cap for a quirky look.
  • tie a flannel around your waist.
  • put on some white sneakers.

Denim shirt

Now I believe most of us have a denim jacket but trust me and get a denim shirt. It’s great when you don’t want to wear a jacket, but want to layer your outfit. There are so many ways you can style a denim shirt. Let’s see a few of them.
How to style:
  • put it on a basic white shirt and black jeans
  • or on any of your favorite tees and a pair of shorts
  • you can also tie a knot in the front with the buttons open.


These are never going to go out of style. They come in so many different styles- long, short, sleeveless, cropped, ombre style etc. You can literally wear a flannel over anything. Again really good for layering.
How to style:
  • tucked in and buttoned up with trousers.
  • oversized flannel over shorts.
  • tie it around your waist.
  •  any basic shirt with denim and flannel over them

White sneakers

Some neat white sneakers are really going to lift your outfit. If you feel that the plain white ones are boring, you also get white sneakers with patches or doodles on them. They look amazing and they go with all of your looks. If you want to turn any outfit into a casual one, just wear white sneakers with it.

The Prints

You can get printed shirts, dresses, trousers, scarves, jackets, you name it. Adding prints to your wardrobe will give it a little spice. The deal with printed clothes is not to overdo it. If you’re going with a printed shirt, keep the bottom plain. Add a printed scarf to a basic white shirt and black pant and you are good to go. There is no wrong way of wearing prints, you just need to make sure that you balance your outfit correctly.


This is an absolute necessity. Everyone needs to own a pair of boots. Not just any boots, but boots in which you can run around the city comfortably. There are three things to keep in mind while shopping for boots: heel, length, and material. Choose the height of heels in which you can walk around the entire day with ease. You don’t want to go for heels that you feel like taking off before lunch. Or you could just go with the flat ones if you aren’t comfortable with heels at all. Next thing- the length. Choose the length that you see yourself wearing more often. Ankle boots are mostly the way to go, but of course, it’s your choice knee-high boots look great too. Just don’t end up with fancy looking thigh high boots and not wear them at all. You know they’re going to end up at the bottom of your closet or you’re just going to give them away. And lastly the material, honestly it doesn’t matter which material you buy, be it leather or suede or anything else. It just depends on what you are comfortable wearing and which season you want it for.

Statement accessories

Experimenting with your clothes is great! It’s good when you look a little different than usual. If you feel that you want to add a little oomph to your wardrobe, but too scared to try something that’s too much for you, try some statement accessories. Accessories turn your boring basic look to something new, something more structured. Large jewelry, loud printed scarves, shiny bright shoes are some of the accessories you can try. Accessories again like prints need to be balanced in your outfit. Use them appropriately and sparingly, you do not want to look like a diva in class every day. Just on days when there’s not a lot happening with your clothes, you can add an accessory and create the balance that’s required in your outfit.
So these were some items that need to make it to your college wardrobe. I’m sure you already possess most of them, but if you don’t then go grab them and never be late to class again.