We don’t need these “trends” in 2018

Veronica Tzvetanova

Deep talks on superficial matters.


This article is the upside-down, mirror version of all the popular must wear/must have/must love/must obey bits of advice we are drowned in year after year. First of all, trends were never my favorite niche in the industry. Sure – it’s a good way to search the field and find inspiration, but they are not to be fully trusted, people! I mean once upon a time mullets, Ugg’s in combination with tiny, denim skirts and my personal “winner” – flat-brimmed hats, were all the rage. Thank God, we all have the decency to hide any shreds of evidence of these mishaps and never look back. With all said, I am not going to be focusing on things that are necessary “out of trend” because it’s old news, but rather my own perspective for the over-hyped products that are shoved down our throat. From high-end to the mainstream market -let’s dive into the deep waters of fashion.


Let’s bring out the big guns. Tacky. This is the most appropriate adjective in this case. First of all didn’t we leave the Supreme brand in the good old sk8r boy times? Apparently not – it resurrected. It’s just t-shirt and sweatshirts with slogans. But okay, okay the target group is 14-ish years old teenagers and sound cloud wannabe rappers. If we leave it at that I would be willing to let this one slide. But oh boy… They HAD to do Louis Vuitton collaboration that is ridiculously priced and limited edition. The red on white print, that poked my eyes, looks like Christmas wrapping paper. Overall it is lazy. You are supposed to be street style brand. Try harder. Focus more on the structure and crafting of the clothes and not so much on the ginormous logo. Make some interesting, deconstructed hoodie or special design with tiny brand detail so the true fans will know what exactly they are spending good cash on. The fashion community is over it. The ball is in your court, Supreme. Make me take my words back.

Transparent anything

Transparent, plastic, sweaty anything, but mostly shoes and pants. I get it – Kim K did is ages ago. We saw it and thought, oh yeah, we can pull this off. Sorry sisters. We cannot. This is not a photo shoot. This is real life. The condensation is real. And it is not cute to see all this wetness and sweatiness inside this plastic material. And the noise is also disturbing. The only acceptable item of clothing is raincoat and again it’s debatable if you are good enough to pass it as fashion. Enough said I think the dear reader is convinced.


Don’t get me wrong. I have so much respect for this fashion brand. Alessandro Michele is a creative genius. The collection is cool; the catwalks are crazy interesting, editorials and campaign fashion films –all amazing. The hype from trashy (and not in a good way) people is what I can’t stand. These “Instagram fashionistas” with the Dionysus bedazzled bags are the ones that are killing me. If they don’t see the most eyes piercing GUCCI pattern – they don’t buy it. We get it… you have a trust fund or sugar daddy. You can afford high-end brands. Con- freaking- graduation. Now if you can only buy style as well, we would all appreciate it. Sadly, seems impossible. If you are such а fashion lover go and purchase one of the other beautiful items from the collection, and not only the generic sneakers and bags that we see in every possible social media, every minute of the day. Don’t minimize this fashion legacy with your fake hair, 2016 badly made drag contour makeup and ZARA skinny jeans with patchwork.  Have some respect and GUCCIFY yourself the right way, or don’t do it at all.


It was a nice throwback to the 90s. We were all sentimental and embraced this accessory with open arms. Velvet, diamond, tattoo, lace… you name it – we bought it. As a matter of fact, we purchased around 200 of them. All kinds.  They made us feel sexy for a split second and we took advantage of the moment. But now the moment has passed and we can put them away for a while. Maybe they will come back someday…? Only time will tell. For now, keep it in the back of your dresser or just throw them away. At least they were pretty cheap and if there is a chocker emergency we can always afford to acquire them back.

Generic “relatable” quotes on shirts and jackets

“I love pizza”, “Born in the 80s”, “I’m cool AF”.  OKAY. Good to know, but since I did not ask or care, tell this to your therapist or write it in your journal. It’s just ugly. And sometimes it’s even sad. Like… I wanted this jacket – cute color, nice silhouette and then… oh no.  I see the most basic, embarrassing quote on the back. Thank you, but no thank you, Forever 21. Let’s make a petition and put this trend to sleep. Who is with me?

Bomber jackets

Yes. I know, I know. I write this with a heavy heart. I kind of got weirdly fond of them. But I am also attached to my old sweatpants with holes in the places no holes are supposed to appear. They are comfortable and gave us all they could in fashion perspective. But we need to face the facts.  Bomber jackets do not complement our bodies. We look chunky and sloppy with them. The neckline is weird and the waistline – non-existing. Let’s make us all a favor and kiss them goodbye. It was nice and endearing friendship but it’s time to end this toxic relationship right about now.


Remind me, why do we still tolerate them? If you are very cold and in a hurry to get to work with the public transportation, or just have a nasty hair day – I get it. Don’t mind me. You do you boo. Be warm, hide that hair, I get it! But to all of you wearing it as a fashion statement -This I can’t apprehend. It rarely compliments any outfit. There are berets, baseball or baker boy caps. You can choose your poison. Or worse come to worst lose the hat and hop on the less is more train.

Trying too hard

And this one will be relevant forever – not only for 2018. Don’t lose yourself and stay in your genre. Authenticity is always on trend. When you are not genuine people can smell it from a mile away. If you truly love something and embrace it you will look your best, even if this something is Supreme LV jacket combined with GUCCI snake sneakers, the plastic transparent TOPSHOP pants, black choker, bomber jacket with “LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH” on the back, written in Comic Sans and pink beanie with fluffy pom-pom on top. Charm and charisma come from within – be pleased with yourself and don’t take your image too seriously.