What is Trending for Summer Fashion 2019



If you’re thinking of updating your wardrobe this season and need some fashion advice, you’ve come to the right place.

With the beginning of summer and bright, warm days around the corner, there is one, and only one color that can be seen everywhere: white.

From catwalks to stores around the corners, high-end fashion brands to casual ones, everyone is focusing on the use of white. Latest summer collections launched by brands across Europe and Asia, show white blouses and dresses trending as #1. If you’re worried about how you’re going to style the color to reflect your inner diva, here are some styles that you can use to spice up your summer collection.

No matter what you do or where you go, white will always remain an important part of summer fashion. The color will always make you stand out and there are no “secret” tricks to wearing white. Anyone can pull the color off.

Whether it is a casual event that you wear a simple white t-shirt or summer dress to or a high-end fashion event that you want to look gorgeous in, white will always have your back.

Summer Color Combinations with White

One of the best things about wearing white in the summer is how easy it is to combine different elements and accessories with it. Some of the most commonly worn loved and error-free combinations with white include white with black or red. It is quite often used in combination with brown by celebrities to give off an air of casual-yet-chic fashion when traveling to the airports, walking down the streets or having a gettogether. Not only do these colors complement each other, but these combinations also give you an edgy and well-put-together look that will require little effort from you. Pairing black or red skirts and shorts with a casual white top will also help you make a statement in a casual gathering.

Since summer fashion can be all about enjoying the sun and warm or bright colors, you can experiment by combining white with any of your favorite colors – yellow, orange, green, and even pink! It will not only make you stand out due to the unique combination, but it will also make you feel more like yourself and in control of the situation. After all, it is important that you feel comfortable and happy in what you’re wearing.

White with Blue Jeans – the Summer Staple

Combining white and blue jeans is another staple summer look, where you can use whatever shade of blue jeans you have sitting in your wardrobe. You don’t have to worry about the occasion or the people. Whether it’s a night out to the movies with your best friends or a summer outing that requires a lot of walking and travel, this staple look will never let you down.

Summer Fashion and White Dresses

White summer dresses are the perfect way for you to embrace your feminity this season. This is the fashion advice most people do not follow and it limits how different their approach can be with summer fashion. Summer is a time to celebrate feminity and your unique self. Pictures in white summer dresses during a vacation, party or even a casual day, have also been among the most liked pictures on Instagram. White summer dresses make you appear as the center of focus against a landscape, highlighting your presence and making you stand out.

If you’re looking forward to wearing a white dress but are not sure if complete white is something you want to wear, accessories and shoes can turn the game around. Pairing accessories in gold or warm, bright tones and wearing shoes that complement the accessories is my go-to styling mantra. Not only do they help you express your individuality, but they also keep you on-trend.

Florals and White

If you’re not sure about using pure white or the staple combinations, floral combinations with white can go a long way in making you embrace white into your collection. Limiting summer to white does not mean that you have to give up your love for bright colors. Floral shirts or skirts paired with the right white holiday top or a white shirt will give you the “wow” factor you needed. These florals can range from pastel prints to bright tropical prints that I believe, have more to say for themselves. If you are a woman of color, I would suggest that you try florals, because they will compliment you most perfectly.

Keeping it Summer Casual at Work

Let’s be honest, though. Not all of us get to go and have those summer vacations by the beach. Instead, we end up working through the summers to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves and make something big. It is time that you reward yourself for all the effort and work you are putting towards achieving your dreams.

For all of us who need to have a summer look that’s casual, trendy and appropriate for work, you can always use the styling tips above. using different color combinations with white and wearing summer dresses do not have to be limited to holidays only. But these are not the only styles you need to go with this summer.

However, wearing a white button-down shirt instead of a regular shirt will give you that work-casual look you want. There are always white power-suits that can bring out the more professional side of you and make you seem in control of any situation. Be it meetings or a regular day at work, white power-suits and button-down shirts will make you distinct and prominent. You may even attract opportunities you didn’t know existed, with that professional look.

So, if you’re ready to update your wardrobe and style this summer, white is the color that is in fashion and on-trend. Make sure to include it in your summer collection because this is the one color that you cannot avoid this season.

Do try these out and let me know how they worked out for you!