What to Wear Next Year: Fashion Forecast 2020

Liz Paelmo

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You might say it’s too early to prepare for next year’s fashion trends, but let me remind you that time moves fast. We’re already half past 2019, and it seemed like January was just last month!

Just like time, we can’t slow down the advancement of fashion too. As early as now, experts have already discussed the clothes that will be “in” this coming 2020. So, what are these exactly?

Pleated Pants and Skirts

It may be 2020 next year, but the 1980s will still rule in terms of pleated pants! This era has modified the look of pleated pants and skirts and has given them a new perspective. They will surely stay famous in the fashion industry for a while.


fence-leather-skirt-woman Leather clothing can be worn at any time of the year since it has turned into an all-year-round fashion trend. If you want to be in-fashion next 2020, you better have leather in your closet; whether they’re dresses, skirts, leggings, or jackets, just have at least one. This trend won’t be saying goodbye any time soon, so you’ll be investing wisely.


What rhymes with leather? Feather! You may not be Lady Gaga, but you can still look good in feathers. Women should own clothing with feathers if they want to look attractive in 2020.


Just like leather, prints have become an all-year-round fabric too. Animal prints like zebra and leopard will still be a trend next year, and it’s good news for those who want to wear different styles. Prints will also be staying for a long time, obviously, since they are reasonably priced without making you look cheap.  

Bold Colors

woman-red-dress Say yes to bold colors for a bolder look! Bold colors like bright blue and vibrant red give the wearer a more daring personality. They are elegant and will totally be trendy in 2020. However, if you think you can’t carry bright colors well, then go for pastels. Pastels will make you look fashion-forward next year. You could go with soft blue, baby pink, or light purple. Pastels are also perfect for warmer weather.


Nowadays, ladies are getting tired of wearing jeans. Although denim jeans with logos are still a trend this 2019, design experts are not entirely sure if they will still be trendy next year. After all, some only wear pants if they have a dress or skirt over them. Ladies with wide legs use this strategy to make them look taller and more modest than usual. All in all, skirts are becoming more comfortable to wear for everyday fashion, and it might just be more prevalent in 2020.


attractive-beautiful-beauty-monochromatic-black-white Lastly, if you don’t want to be left behind in fashion next year, you better stock some monochromatic designs in your closet. Monochromatic looks are perfect if you’re aiming for a sophisticated appearance. Want to dress smart? Use monochromatic looks!

Last Piece of Advice

Okay, so pleated, leather, feather, prints, bold colors, pastels, skirts, and monochromatic would be in fashion next year. But always remember that style is not just about how you look; it’s also about how you feel. So consider comfort when you’re deciding what to wear for the whole day. If they aren’t in this list and you still feel good about yourself, then don’t be afraid to go for it!