What to wear this summer

Somi Tiwari

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Summer is that time of the year when you don’t have to fuss much about wearing clothes. You don’t have to think about layering your outfit so you don’t feel cold. All you have to do is wear something light and you are good to go but sometimes that isn’t an easy task. Sometimes, it is an arduous task to decide what to wear for an event when you do not want to get too hot and also want to look stylish at the same time. So, here I will talk about how to dress in this summer season so that you feel comfortable in the summer heat and also get compliments for your outfits.


Opt for everything cotton

Summers are for cotton. In summers, you should avoid everything that’s not cotton. Cotton not only makes you feel comfortable because it’s so light but it also doesn’t cling to your body even when you are sweaty and actually absorbs most of your sweat. Ultimately, you tend to feel cooler when you wear cotton. Avoid thick and clingy fabrics like polyester and silk at all costs.  

Tank tops

tank top Cotton tanks are so perfect when you have to go anywhere in the summer. They not only make for a comfortable and light piece of clothing but make you look sexy as well. In addition to this, they can be styled with almost everything. It can be paired with shorts, jeans, long skirts, short skirts, palazzos, trousers, and wide leg pants. They can also be layered with shrugs, shirts, and kimono shrugs.



bandana Probably the hardest thing to style in summer is your hair. What girls hate, especially who have thick hair, is hair coming on their face during summer heat and clinging to your sweat. It spoils your look and at the same time makes you want to go bald. I have a cute solution to this problem: bandanas. Bandanas are so trending in the fashion world. They look super cute, are available in all colours and prints, and are a great way to keep all your hair away from your forehead and face. In this way, all the attention goes to your beautiful face, not on your sweat-dripped hair clung to your face.


Floral Dress

floral dress It is almost impossible to not to include a floral printed dress in a list of clothes to wear during summer. It is during summer that we see most floral dresses being sold by all brands and we also see people wearing them the most. It is something about the flowers that soothes the eyes during summers. So, opt for a bright flowy floral dress this summer when you are going for a brunch or hanging out with friends or going on a date.



stripes I have a friend who hates floral print and wouldn’t even wear them in summers. Those of you who are like her or you are just tired of floral dresses because of wearing them your entire life, you should try wearing clothes with stripes. Stripes are the latest sensation this summer. You can go for cotton striped dresses, tops, shorts, pants, palazzos, and culottes. There are all kinds of stripes available in clothes with monochromatic ones and multi-coloured ones.


Maxi Dresses

maxi dress Going for a date at night at some place with no air-conditioning like a romantic beach candle-light dinner? Want to feel comfortable but at the same time don’t want to go for something casual? Then maxi dresses are a great idea! Just make sure to go for flowy ones instead of body-hugging dresses. They look beautiful and also don’t make you uncomfortable to the point where you just can’t wait to get out of them.



gingham print Gingham prints are one of the newest trends that can be seen everywhere; on crop tops, dresses, pants, etc. Team up a gingham top with solid bright palazzos or shorts for any occasion – brunch, date, shopping, hanging with friends, or even a beach party. They make you stylish and cute simultaneously.


Paperbag Shorts

shorts Forget denim shorts. They are the things of the past now. Now we have a much more comfortable option with shorts. Paperbag shorts are super chic and look so amazing with any top that you can tuck inside the shorts. Try to find the cotton ones and you are good to go for a beach day or for a stroll while exploring a city on your vacation.



culottes Shorts don’t seem proper for every occasion or maybe you are not comfortable showing your legs all the time and palazzos feel too long. Culottes are the next best thing. They are longer than shorts, below your knee and shorter than palazzos to feel air flowing through your legs. They are one of the latest fashion trends of 2019. They are super cool and edgy too.


Kimono Shrug

kimono shrug Shrugs can make a simple outfit look trendy and fashionable. It can turn any look from dab to fab. But all kinds of shrugs are not suitable for summer as they can make you feel hot. Kimono shrugs, on the other hand, are very appropriate for styling in summers. Layer it over a crop top and paperbag printed shorts and you will be certainly mistaken for a fashion blogger. Kimono shrugs are lighter and have short loose sleeves and you don’t feel like you have worn a lot on your upper body. It accentuates your look without layering your outfit with something that makes you feel burning hot and uncomfortable.


Flat Sandals

flats Blisters and shoe bites can be a real nuisance in the warm season. To avoid this and also not fall short on your perfect summer look game, flat sandals are a great choice in summer 2019.  Flat sandals are really trending currently in the fashion world. They come in varied patterns, ranging from gladiators to T-straps to stone studded designs. All of these look so great with any summer outfit whether it is a flowy dress, a jumpsuit, a maxi dress, shorts, or skirts. They make your feet feel perfectly comfortable and also complete your fabulous summer look.


Long Skirts

long skirt Long skirts look so adorable and pretty when you pair them up with tank tops, flat sandals and few accessories. They are a perfect way to look beautiful and elegant without making your legs hot. You can also style them for any occasion. Wear them with a shirt for a more formal look, with a crop top for a party look, with a solid white top for a casual shopping look, with a spaghetti top for a date look. In short, they are a perfect alternative for skinny denim jeans this summer.