Why Handmade/ Customized Fashion is Relevant in this Cool Age?

Saumyaa Sharma

I am a marketing professional with 6+ years of experience in branding, marketing research and advertising. I have a keen interest in the creative domain and like to explore new avenues and ideas. I have a knack for reading and writing extensively and I love to share my thoughts while also understanding others ideas and thoughts. I believe sharing ideas makes us a more communicative and interesting society!


In this digital age, we are surrounded by a lot of stuff that is machine produced. The fashion that we embrace is not one of its own kind. Rather it is produced at a mass level. This means that there will be many copies of these products. The fashion pieces and styles that are mass-produced are common and omnipresent. The owner of these items can’t call it a part of their individual personality. Whether it is clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, all of these products reflect the appeal of machine produced clones.

Items that are produced in bulk are more affordable and easy to own. This also ensures that the pieces which have a high demand can be owned by one and all. Still, many people crave for a style that is their own and not owned by anyone else. This is where handcrafted fashion comes in to play!

Pieces that are made by hand are still relevant in this industrial age. They hold their special space even when we have so many items that are machine-made and popular. Handmade items matter even in these times when they are produced in small quantities.

These days, more and more people understand the importance of handcrafted and customized products. These products are one of a kind and it is a great satisfaction to know that they are not owned by anyone else.

Let’s try and understand why handmade fashion and handcrafted products are favored by so many of us these days

Handmade Fashion ensures Superior Quality

Handmade fashion is well thought-out by its makers. The quality of raw material that is chosen for such products is always great. This is a consistent fact in most products that are handmade and customized. The products are picked by hand, therefore, they pass the best quality test. The traditional manufacturing can never pay much attention to detail.  This makes handmade products the best display of human potential. These products have a distinct voice and handmade style gives a distinct and special power to human skills.

Handmade Fashion is Distinctly Creative

Handmade fashion is customized and this makes it distinct. Each human hand has its own creativity and when something is made from hand, it tends to have a soul. These pieces have a part of the person that has created it and has a story of its own too. These handmade fashion pieces always hold a special place in the heart of the owner. They reflect the creator’s pride and skill. The texture, color, and shape of that piece of fashion is an expression of the maker. Crafted with passion and the spirit of creativity, the piece becomes a signature piece.

Handmade Fashion is Long-lasting and Durable

Handmade and customized fashion pieces are always created with the aim of making them everlasting. These creative and trendy signature pieces may be slow in picking up but last longer. They are of the best quality and do not lose the shape, color of the original look. They do not get worn out over the years and thus are an asset to behold. Handmade fashion is never discarded as it keeps its sheen and beauty over the years.

Customized Products are Crafted in a Positive Environment

When items are made in a workspace rather than a factory, the environment in which they are crafted is more positive. These workspaces are more creative and joyous. The person who created these customized fashion pieces is more humorous. The creations always make for happy ownership as their production is more soulful and cheerful. These products are thus more valued and cherished.  Each fiber or piece of a handmade product is special Thus these products should be owned with more care and attention.

Handmade Product is One of a Kind

No two handmade items are similar to each other and this makes them special. These products are never similar to other products. There will always be some variations in their shades, color, texture or their grain. This is the biggest benefit of a handmade product. These products are always one of a kind. The owners of such items thus always have the satisfaction that what they own is never owned by anyone else.

Handmade Items have a Heart and a Soul

One can always understand the product that is made using hands. These products invariably have a personal touch and this sets them apart from factory produced products. The products that are handcrafted are always more personal as they are made with a human tough which gives them a positive vibration. These products are fresh and all heart which is felt by its owner too.

Handmade Designs are Exclusive

Handmade designs are always the exhibition of high craftsmanship. They are exquisite and beautiful which makes them look a class apart. Unlike factory-produced products, handcrafted products are more personal and thus look special. Owning them is like owning a piece of art and they will never fail to touch your heart in a special way.

Handcrafted Products are Limited in Number

Handcrafted products have a limitation; they are always produced in lesser numbers which add to their exclusivity. These products are thus produced with more care and cater to a handful of people. Their exclusivity makes them even more cherished and special for their owners.

Handcrafted Products Care for the Environment

Handmade products are made with hands rather than in a factory. This ensures that their production does not involve the emission of harmful gases; neither do these products pollute the air, water or land. The products are environment-friendly and thus are more special. The products are made from hand from start to end and they care more about the environment. All the above reasons have made handmade products more popular with consumers these days. There has been a slight shift in liking these handmade fashion products more by the consumers. Many people have shown will and intent towards understanding the value of these items and thus their demand has increased again in the market.