Why I always look for sustainability when shopping

by Ella Travels

June 10, 2019

Sustainability is a trendy word lately.
But it has to really be used with purpose, especially if we want to keep living on this beautiful planet!

Why is fashion so important to me

I used to love fashion. I even wanted to be a fashion designer. I saw how important it was to make me feel special. I can design my own look and create my own self. It also enhances my creativity, and it can also improve my mood on a bad day!

I remember a friend telling me that it does not matter how bad, stressed, or tired she is, she always does her best to look good!

When I stopped caring about fashion

I admired this friend because that was the time of my life when I couldn’t afford shopping. Or maybe I could but my priority was to discover the world! That’s why I dedicated my life to traveling and even became an expat.

Then I also realized all the damage the fast fashion industry did on our planet. Destructing rivers in India, Bangladesh, China. Not even talking about the social damage to workers, illegal children labor, and the horrible accidents that happened.

I even worked for a huge fast fashion company and I realized they actually cared once clients started caring…

We are the consumers, so we have to set the rules!

That’s when I realized that our buying behavior made a big impact on the environment!


Barcelona Beach Bogatell


How do I shop responsibly now?


Actually, if I could, I would not even buy anything. I would rent. I think it is a great idea to reduce our material consumption.
Check in your area if this concept already exists. Then you can update your wardrobe all the time if you enjoy changing styles.

A good idea is also to rent clothes for special events. A wedding, a party or a family/business event, it can be a great way to find a nice piece you would not wear otherwise.



If renting is not an option, a good idea is to look at second-hand or vintage shops. That gives another life to a piece in good shape. Most of the shops that sell second-hand clothes are in perfect conditions, otherwise, it would not even be on their shelf.


Wearing second hand clothes

Wearing a Second-hand dress


Tips if you buy new

If you want to buy new clothes, I would recommend checking that is really good quality so it lasts many years. That way you reduce your ecological impact. Make sure you clean it the right way too. Vinegar does wonder!

Always check natural and ecological fibers, or you can also look for clothes made of recycled materials and plastics.

Try to buy locally made pieces. Transport is also bringing a lot of pollution so the closer it comes from, the better!


Dress made of recycled materials worldtravelable sustainable barcelona

Dress made of recycled materials


I don’t want to give a lesson to anybody. Just to raise awareness of the problem behind the fashion industry and how we can improve the situation and still look gorgeous! It’s up to you to decide how you can make an impact.

Even I continue to go to some big brands out there who are for me fabulous designers! However, I always look at the labels and choose pieces that are made in my country or at neighbors. I also always look at the type of material (organic cotton, recycled, etc.).

Consuming more ethically helps me feel proud of my clothes and give me even more confidence when wearing those pieces!

Ella Travels

By Ella Travels

I am a travel blogger and travel consultant, and I focus on travelers who take care of their health and the health of the planet! No matter the challenges (health, time, money), I want to inspire to travel anyway, but I also want to inspire to travel responsibly and authentically. My main purpose is to learn from other cultures and inspire to be respectful and open-minded.

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