Why Thrift Shopping Benefits You and the Environment

Valerie Durias

I don’t believe in astrology but… I’m peak Virgo. I’ve been traveling a lot and trying new things. I love to write. In fact, I love it so much I devoted 4 years of my life just to learn how to write. During my free time, I complete my skincare routine.



Thrift shopping has been on trend lately, and it’s a good one. People have been gravitating to it because of its affordable prices. With a few bucks, shoppers can buy tons and tons of outfits. It’s emerging into the mainstream because of the unique vintage pieces waiting to be picked out of the racks. Thrift shopping is so much more than this, though. Purchasing secondhand items does the environment well. On your next payday or shopping spree, these are the reasons you should consider going to the nearest thrift store:

It’s cheap.

In the Philippines, you could get three shirts for a hundred pesos. Sometimes, if they’re on super sale, all items could go as cheap as 10 pesos. Even pants! This is why looking out for discounts in thrift shops would be ideal. Imagine seeing something for a cheaper price and then still getting it for a much cheaper price. These affordable selections are so diverse. Sweaters don’t also cost so much, and they’re pretty much up to the 80s and 90s trend that’s going on these days. You’ll save a lot of money and still look stylish. Trust us, they won’t notice you only got those pants for 10 pesos.

It’s practical.

Let’s face it: clothes are expensive. At times, they have the tendency to be overpriced. Besides, trends and fashion constantly shift. They’re very transient, and we have the tendency to abandon those clothing when they don’t seem fashionable anymore. At the thrift shop, you can find clothes that are on trend and don’t cost much, so it doesn’t hurt when the fashion industry decides to jump onto another vintage timeline.

Thrift shopping helps you experiment.

At thrift stores, you’ll never know what you’re going to get. The choices are so diverse that they help you mix-and-match different style of clothing. In the process, you’ll discover your own style. Because trends and fashion are ever-changing, you have to cling onto your style. This is why uncovering this is essential. When you know your style of dressing up, all the pieces in your closet will eventually become timeless since you know you’ll be able to flaunt them to the world without a doubt. Plus, you’ll tap into your creativity when pairing up clothing.

Thrifting is eco-friendly.

Mass produced products create damage to the environment. The process involves gas emissions, toxic chemicals, and deforestation. Now imagine how much clothing is being produced every day. While organizations shed more light on more initiatives to save the environment, we–as consumers–should take the time to be more informed. We should individually take action, too, and one way to do this is thrift shopping.

Thrift shopping is sustainable. One product is being passed to another person who can still benefit from it. Because of this, no waste is made and mass production is less supported. These discarded products can still have so much potential. They can be used for a few more years.