ALPAKA – Premium Everyday And Travel Bags

In our daily routine, we are always active and we need to carry with us a lot of belongings – wallets,  documents, books, mobiles, laptops, batteries, chargers, clothes, food, water and etc. No matter if we are students, actively working, travelling or even just doing some sport, we always need a proper bag. Many times the bags are too heavy or uncomfortable and cause us backpains or bad body posture. We also need them to be secured from thieves or waterproof in case of rain. It is a big challenge to find strong and big enough bag to accommodate all our valuables and at the same time to be stylish for every occasion. ALPAKA company has a solution for us – 3 amazing highly functional bags that are durable and great looking. 


Style and ergonomic design

ALPAKA bags are hand-crafted and stylish and they are inspired by the multi-faceted lives of modern times. They are designed to fit the different occasion and are great for urban life, but are also durable and versatile enough for short outdoor activities. Their ergonomic design makes them perfect to fit your body and to be comfortable for carrying all day.



ALPAKA bags are extremely functional with all different kinds of pockets, sleeves and compartments that keep you organized. In the different models you can find a special tablet sleeve, a pocket to hold your portable charger or cables, a mesh pocket, a rear compartment to carry your passport and other small valuables, a laptop compartment or a padded internal laptop sleeve, a digital compartment for all your tech gear, a key tether compartment, a padded bottom compartment for camera/drone gear, an external USB port or just an expandable internal compartment for extra space.



ALPAKA bags have lockable zippers, magnetic or rolltop closures to secure your belongings. Through magnetic chest straps, you can also secure the bag when you are active.


Three models

The Air Sling is a compact everyday and travel sling bag with volume 4L and 3 compartments for a tablet and charger, passport and small valuables and mesh pocket with key tether and external USB port. It is made of splashproof materials and has anti-theft features as magnetic closure and lockable zippers. 


The ALPAKA 7ven Messenger is a stylish bag for work, school, gym, an outdoor day-trip and it is expandable up to 24L for a weekend getaway. There is a digital compartment for all your tech gear, a laptop sleeve, pockets galore for your valuables and a key tether. There is also a reinforced magnetic chest strap that can secure the bag when you are active with quick access pocket for cards and cash.


The Shift Pack is a perfect travel bag that can expand from 20L to 30L. It is designed to hold everything you need for work, travel or while you are doing sports. There are special compartments for your laptop, iPad, camera or drone, phone, power charger and other valuables. The magnetic chest strap is really comfortable and can be used to reduce the load on your back and shoulder and is with integrated quick access pocket for keys, cards and cash. The rolltop closure and the waterproof zippers will protect your belongings from bad weather.