ANISO UNI | Swiss Movement Watch With Unique Time Display

ANISO UNI Swiss Movement Watch presents a fun and creative way of telling time. Gone are plain ticking and tocking, doing the same mechanics over and over again everywhere you look. On the wall, it's the same pattern. On the phone, it could be the same old-school analog display. It's time to switch it up. On your wrist.

Telling the time has evolved.

Time is a man-made concept. It is one of those things humans created to make sense of nature. With this comes the different ways to tell it. It has evolved, as we have. From observing the angles of shadows to learning how to read a long-and-short hand, we have been accustomed to the conventional ways of telling when the sun rises or when the stars begin to appear. We have been used to seeing the time come full circle, but it is not all the time that our days do so.

But it shows when the sun rises.

And as it comes down and disappears, the stars begin to take over. There will always be a glimmer of light. There will always be something to look at in the sky, and it will not fail to be beautiful.

Sure, the ANISO UNI Swiss Movement Watch is different.

It looks nothing like the traditional analog watch. But different means that one is ready to venture outside of their comfort zone. Different could be the new normal everyone is afraid to embrace. Different does not always mean difficult. It just needs a little time to get used to–like all things in life. Different means opening oneself to more possibilities of a better life.

It is not just a watch. It is a reminder.

It's not only a quirky way to tell the hours of the day. It's not only a stylish watch to remind us of our schedule. It's a full reminder of nature's cycle. When the sun fades, the stars become brighter in the sky. When the stars rest, there's a new light for us to see. There is a cycle we are all engaged in. This is how the world works, but that does not mean we should not venture our own uniqueness.

It signifies the importance of being different.

It helps us explore new perspectives, new colors, new ways of looking at things. It presents 60 different angles that come with every waking minute of every day. It opens endless possibilities of innovations–of what we could do with our time. It tells us to challenge the norms and not just to simply beat the clock.

Every minute is changing and evolving.

So are we. Every minute, our body is going through a thousand different processes. We are experiencing different emotions. We are processing different thoughts, making sense of what we have at the moment. Every minute is fleeting, but we can experience one moment forever. This is something time can never take away from us.

The ANISO UNI Swiss Movement Watch is a simple reminder clinging to our wrists.