Athletes Warehouse

It's not a secret that activewear is expensive. In the Philippines, finding thousand-peso (approximately $20) leggings is a good deal, especially if it's marked as branded. Most leggings usually cost Php 2,000, even more. As a woman, investing in high-quality sports bras is the healthiest option, but those will be another Php 1,500.

Imagine going to the gym or for a run in non-breathable clothes. Staying fit is a struggle, for one. You should at least be comfortable while suffering the almost unbearable workouts you'll have to accomplish. This is why comfort, style, and functionality should always be the criteria. Sometimes, fitness could be a luxury. It can cost you much. But, of course, you don't have to. You can have comfort, style, and functionality without hurting your budget!

Thankfully, Athletes Warehouse got us covered, and they are here to help. With prices for as low as $23 dollars, you will not have to be sad when checking the price tag of a sports bra every again.

They sell all kinds of activewear.

From joggers to leggings to tanktops–even accessories–Athletes Warehouse got you covered. They have men's and women's apparel that vary in style. Do you want a halter top tank? Cropped sweaters? High-waist leggings? Running shorts?

They have it all.

What's better is that they're affordable! On average, the prices would range from $23-$40. Isn't that great?

They're cute, too!

Who says you can't look stunning on a budget? You know, when you're at the gym, and you can barely get through another set of squats, sit-ups, chest presses, you can look at yourself at the mirror and be proud of what you've done. Sure, you'll be a sweaty mess, but your outfit looks amazing. It'll make you smile more and maybe turn the exhaustion into energy. Who knows?

Athletes Warehouse will give you outfits that will motivate you through your fitness journey. If you're going to be out of breath, be out of breath with style.

Did we mention they don't cost a fortune?

Let's be real: activewear can hurt your pockets. They require materials that should ensure comfort while training. They should be breathable and flexible enough. They require technology to cater to your needs while moving around. Considering these, it's not much of a mystery why they're expensive.

In fact, staying fit can cost a lot of money. Gym membership, a coach, a healthy diet, and–again–workout clothes. Athletes Warehouse can help you with that, though! They can lessen your expenses through their products and generous discounts. They have leggings that only cost $25! If that's not a good deal, I don't know what is.


Being active is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. It can be done at home, in the mountains, at the park, or at the gym. It doesn't matter how much you spend for this lifestyle. You definitely don't have to go big. All that matters is your health (and if you're going the workouts properly to avoid injury). Athletes Warehouse is simply offering you a way to look and feel fantastic while saving a few extra money for a vacation or a new dress!