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Beddingo | The First Reinvention Of Sheets In 100 Years

Changing sheets is within the category of housework that at first glance, seems simple to make. That is, you only have to change one set of dirty sheets for another that is clean and ready. However, the reality is by far different, since in 99% of the cases, the corners of the sheet do not fit easily in the corner of the mattress and that is where Christ begins to ascend to Calvary.



Symptoms of the rebellious sheets:


 1) The fourth corner of the sheet flatly refuses to enter the corner of the mattress, no matter how much you stretch it,

2) You must lift the mattress to fit each corner of the sheet, which is medically proven that it can cause a herniated disc or at least a hit to sciatica,

3) The middle section of the sheet forms a strange arch that strips the lower half of the mattress, revealing the non-existent asymmetry between the line of the sheet and the base of the mattress (someone call Pythagoras, please)

4) The whole sheet ends up rolled up on your feet or legs in the middle of the night, when you innocently turn around, due to the popped off corners at the same time.

Suggested treatment against rebel sheets:

1) Get rid of problematic rebellious sheets,

2) Find a replacement with the following characteristics:

Adjustable. They should fit in the corners without having to pounce on the ends of the mattress as if we were paratroopers,

Hypoallergenic. They should be cotton and soft so that we do not end up with a rash outbreak on the skin,

Muddy. They should dress the mattress completely and not leave visible spaces in sight,

Static. The corners should remain stuck to the mattress and not be pulled towards the center as if attracted by an invisible magnet,

Easy to wash. Preferably in a washing machine, (too big to wash by hand) 


The solution has arrived!


Indeed, someone took the trouble to put on our shoes and understand our pain, because the solution to the rebellious sheets exists and is called BEDDINGO.

This set of sheets is not like any other (aka, rebellious sheets). Beddingo is a set of sheets with sateen softness, maintains its shape because the corners are firmly attached to the corners of the mattress thanks to its Velcro closure; has an elastic band that facilitates the placement of the sheets in the corners without having to lift the mattress.

In addition, the way they are designed geometrically molds to the shape of your mattress (regardless of the size of it), thus keeping the sheet stretched for longer and cleaner.

The manufacture of this 100% cotton material does not result in lint, wrinkles or fraying, therefore, the sheets offer rest and comfort.

Hurry up….

Get Beddingo today. This exceptional set of sheets is in the phase of launching so if you sign up to acquire it, you will be among the first to receive the benefit of up to 30% off the original price. 

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by Emily Sánchez

I have been a freelance web content writer for more than 3 years and also a writer. I published my 1st. Motivational book entitled 3 Master Knights 3 years ago. The book deals with 3 current issues: overcoming fear, having vision or strategic planning and resistance to change. Also, I have collaborated in the creative writing of more than 200 articles and content for digital magazines, blogs and creative agencies. I can write in both English and Spanish. Regarding the themes so far have been on: health, finance, humor, curiosities, relationships, economics, beauty, technology, motoring, academic research, motivation, interior decoration, preaching and biblical sketches, legal procedures, machinery and tools, among others. I am venezuelan but currently I am living in Peru. I have two passions: writing and cooking (specially baking breads). I believe in God and that faith is what moves me towards my goals and lead my steps on my path.

by Emily Sánchez