Canvia: The Most Realistic Interactive Art Display

For every one of us, there’s a piece of art we all identify with. Whether it’s in our homes, our offices or we saw it in an art gallery, this piece speaks to us, in ways, only we can identify personally. The emotion that we derive from it brings with it calmness, delight or even grief and all we want to do is have this item with us. However, it comes a time when we want to spruce things up by changing the art pieces we hang in our houses and offices to suit a particular occasion if not to bring new feelings to us. Canvia is here to do this and more for us.


About Canvia


Canvia is a smart display controlled by an application, a web account or voice-enabled device that allows art and design enthusiasts a unique, pleasant and balanced viewing experience. As a user, you are able to obtain art that goes well with your preferences, motivates you continuously and brightens the ambiance wherever you are. Art is made easily available by Canvia and transforms the way in which we relate with it. This is seen through:


  • Adaptability to people’s varying places and demands.

  • A resemblance to the tee of the digital art to original paintings and prints.

  • Interaction and sharing of the whole encounter while engaging in it.

  • Provision of assistance and crucial facts about art which brings about confidence in matters relating to it.


Why you should get Canvia


ArtSense is the technology that mimics the properties of an authentic painting on a digital screen in any given surrounding. Canvia runs on this technology. It has in-built sensors that examine the detailed environment and uses this information to acclimatize the presented picture. It’s screen reflects lights that make sure all the artwork look real at all times in terms of quality, feel and appearance.



Canvia is connected to an online library that contains a large number of artworks which encompasses all categories, times and backgrounds. The material in this library has been sourced from more than a hundred specialized artists whose number still grows. Each of these contributors will get a portion of the income generated. Art suppliers include galleries, colleges, and photographers. This art has been arranged into grouped playlists that can also be generated by the user. These playlists can be timetabled for certain intervals throughout the day. Regardless of individual settings, Canvia offers you a wide selection of art that looks good in your particular environment, works well in any atmosphere, appropriate for a given event and goes well with the existing style. In addition, Canvia has Has 16GB of storage; that is up to 10,000 images, works with both iOS and Android and  utilizes only 35W of energy.


You can contact [email protected] if you are would like to add your artwork to Canvia's online library that is solid and secure to make sure that your work is not misused.


Order your Canvia today in your preferred black, cherry, wood or white frame color and enjoy in an exceptional manner.