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Desk Supplies Organizer With Qi Wireless Charger & USB Hub

If you consider yourself a digital nomad, then you must be quite aware of what all comes along with it, especially in terms of equipment required. To be a digital nomad or a freelancer on the go, you will definitely need to be extremely organized, so that your work does not suffer while you are constantly traveling. Some of the digital nomad essentials, in my own personal experience while freelancing and traveling, are a good pair of headphones or earphones, a bunch of pens so that you can scribble down some of the awesome ideas that may pop up in your head, a phone with a protective cover, USB cables, pen drives, chargers and so on. 

The key to organized and clutter free traveling is having all that you need to work effectively on one single place. This is where the STEALTHO Desk Supplies organizer with Qi Wireless Charger and USB hub comes in. This little portable station is capable of holding all your essential work supplies in one single place so that you can travel and work without any unnecessary added stress. 

The STEALTHO Desk Supplies organizer with Qi Wireless Charger and USB hub aims at making your digital nomad lifestyle easier and more enjoyable. This is a 12-in-1 setup which covers all your basic needs.


With a C-type port available on the organizer, you can plug it in a power source and the electricity can power all your devices and makes it really easy to use, regardless of where in the world you are.

USB hub

This amazing organizer comes with 4 USB ports - two of them are 3.0 ports and two of them are 3.1 ports. You can plug in multiple devices at once, increasing your efficiency incredibly. This organizer also has a micro SD card reader which makes transferring data an absolute breeze!

Wireless charger

The Qi wireless charger is an absolute game changer! With a 10 watt output, you can charge your Apple, Sony, Samsung and other mobile phones by just placing it on the slot, and voila! Your phone will now charge without the hassle of charging cables.

Headphone stand

The headphone stand makes it super easy for you to relocate your headphones time and again. This organizer is quite easily the one-stop-shop for all your digital and planning needs!

Writing board

The in-built writing board lets you take notes and plan out your day in the most productive and efficient manner possible. For all you list maniacs out there, this is your dream come true!

Sticky notes stand

You now have a particular area dedicated to your favorite color-coded sticky notes! Now you no more have to scavenge through your bags to get a hold of them when you really do need them.

Copy holder

This little slot holds your notepad in one place and you no longer have to worry about misplacing it since it will always be with all your work and organization things.

Cactus pot

Spruce up your portable workspace by adding a little succulent to your organizer. Cacti are super easy to take care of and also look oh-so-adorable!

Pen holder

This handy tool can hold all your stationery so you don't have to look everywhere for a pen again! And guess what, it is right next to your notepad and sticky notes stand as well!


If you are frustrated with all your work things being sprawled everywhere, then this amazing portable organizer is a digital and organizational savior! Once you invest in this amazing tool, you can be assured that your digital nomadic lifestyle will be so much easier, and also way more fun! No more scavenging through all your bags and pockets, you will have all the things you need in one place. 

Traveling is so much more fun when you don't have to worry about other things and just live in the moment!

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