DeskSpace: Handcrafted Solar Sun Mood Light/Desk Accessory

Do you work in an unnatural environment full of offensive lighting? Does your home lack natural intimacy and peace when you enter a room? Perhaps you are hugely intrigued by the sun, space and the earth's gemstones? The DeskSpace: Handcrafted Solar Mood Light/Desk Accessory is a revolutionary lamp and focal point that serves to help satisfy you. Crafted with articulate design resulting in a sleek overall finish, you have just found your new favourite indoor accessory. 

During the colder months of the year especially, when natural daylight hours diminish, we can all relate to a burning desire to see more of the sun, feel its warmth and witness its overpowering light. For those days where natural light is hard to come by or the bad weather months during which sun exposure is limited, try adding this beautiful sun mood light to your workspace or home and benefit from the incredible results. 

Enhance your Mood and Wellbeing with the Handcrafted Solar Sun Mood Light

The gemstone Golden Calcite used in this inspiring desk lamp is the perfect sun simulator. With its incredible clarity and warm orange/yellow shade, looking upon this perfect sphere of colour will help you to instantly feel lifted in mood and spirit. Finished with expert craftsmanship to create a real symbol of our sun, if you can't be directly in the sun's presence, this is surely the next best thing. 

The Handcrafted Solar Sun Mood Light is ideal for helping to combat low mood experienced from a lack of natural sunlight. Its multitude of tones and pigments will also bring wonder and calm to your day. Not only that but with responsibly sourced Golden Calcite, enhancing your mood doesn't have to come at a high environmental cost.

Create Subtle Lighting to suit you with the Handcrafted Solar Sun Mood Light

Sometimes, the standard light bulb just doesn't cut it. If bright, obtrusive indoor lighting offends your eyes and soul, you've probably already contemplated how to find the ideal tone of mood lighting for your home or workspace. 

The Handcrafted Solar Sun Mood Light will tastefully illuminate small spaces, instantly creating a relaxing and peaceful setting. Try using it as a reading lamp in your living room late at night, use it as a bedside light for those dark mornings where the alarm goes off before the actual sun rises, or keep it close by whilst you work at your desk to help inspire your thinking and bring a little of the outside, in.

Feel closer to the sun and all its impressive healing powers with your very own sun lamp. Whether you are trying to make your home feel more welcoming after a long day or help create a work environment that re-ignites your passion, the Handcrafted Solar Sun Mood Light will assist you in achieving your natural vibrancy. Available in various sizes to suit your indoor space and with discreet charging points and wires, the real question is, where will you choose to put yours?