Discover The World's Finest Eyewear

Eyewear, while only small in comparison to larger accessories, should never be overlooked. Pardon the pun! The shape of our specs has shifted dramatically throughout the decades and is a big part of defining our identity and character. Today, glasses are even more celebrated in fashion culture than before, with lensless frames worn purely for stylish effect. Unfortunately, for those of us who need to wear glasses (with lenses) on a daily basis, it can be difficult to find a practical pair that we love at an affordable price.


Josh Fano saw and understood the issues facing glasses wearers who want be practical while keeping things current, so they came up an idea and three core values to support it: modern, minimal designmaster craftsmanship and fair prices.


Modern, Minimal Design

Who remembers the 90's, with oversized, thick frames and square-shaped lenses? Even though certain vintage designs can be timeless, you'll still notice modern touches in today's vintage and retro-inspired styles. Prompted by the structure of post-modern art and architecture, Josh Fano wanted to create a firm favourite in eyewear as a fashion statement of the modern era. This is the age of minimalism.


Master Craftsmanship

The design of Josh Fano eyewear is where the brand truly comes into its own league. There’s no need for heavy frames anymore. The metal used in Josh Fano eyewear is strong, high-quality titanium. The design is practical with a lighter feel and resistance to rust. The recyclable properties of titanium also mean Josh Fano glasses are easy to dispose of in an environmentally friendly way, so you’ll never need to store your old glasses unnecessarily ever again.


The Japanese artisans who lovingly create Josh Fano eyewear have worked with this high-grade titanium, used in NASA technology, for years. If you find your glasses ever need adjusting to your head shape, it’s very easy to flex the temple arms to the perfect fit. The same can be done to the nose pads, to keep your glasses from slipping downwards as you go about your day-to-day tasks.


Fair Price

One of the biggest motivations for the development of Josh Fano eyewear was the extortionate price glasses wearers have to pay, sometimes yearly, for a new set of specs. Depending on frames and lens requirements, we can be paying up to £500 or more for one pair of glasses! Josh Fano has smartly cut out any middle steps when it comes to delivering your glasses; there are no high street shops to manage and no celebrity endorsements. They reach the masses with your support on Kickstarter, and deliver your glasses straight from the artisan manufacturers in Japan.


Premium-coated lenses can be customised by way of transition lenses, sunglass lenses and even blue light computer lenses, making them suitable for every living and working environment – all at a fraction of the cost of a regular pair of glasses.

Josh Fano is dedicated to creating stunningly simple and stylish studio frames that are resistant to wear and knocks (with some very hard-wearing hinges!), and at an affordable price point. Best of all, they can be worn by anybody –whatever the individual and their lifestyle.