Drops Of Joy Jewelry

Who doesn’t love a day at the spa? Integrating aromatherapy with fashion is now a reality! Picture yourself deeply inhaling the delicious blend of essential oils wafting in from the diffuser, and you are almost instantly transported to a space where you find that your mind is calm, your mood uplifted and your senses rejuvenated.

Perhaps it is the tantalizing scent of lavender that you fancy or the enchanting aroma of vanilla? The delicious perfume of sweet orange or maybe the quintessential fragrance of lemongrass is what you find delightful.

Feeling calmer already?

Whether standalone or a complementing mix of aromas, from Cleopatra to the modern woman, every person has a unique blend of essential oils that reflects their personality and resonates with their taste.

Sigh! Don’t you wish you can breathe in that scent all day, every day? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Experience your spa wherever you go!

Imagine being able to enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing throughout the day, but in style! Drops of Joy jewelry integrates aromatherapy with stunning handcrafted statement jewelry pieces, so you not only get to smell good all day long, you look good while doing it!


Why choose Drops of Joy?


Aromatherapy as a complementary health approach has benefits which we have experienced firsthand. With Drops of Joy, you can reap the myriad benefits of aromatherapy fully by incorporating essential oil jewelry into your daily routine.

*Making every drop linger

Time is of the essence,in more ways than one. For people on the go, ease of use and minimal upkeep are important considerations. With our commitment to high standards, we know that every drop is precious, so we use organic cotton which is non-toxic, safe and additionally retains the scent for days.

*Customizability and fashion

We offer the option of customizing your own designs with hand-stamped charms and other options so that in addition to the blend of oils, your jewelry also has a personal, unique touch.

In addition to these hand-made jewelry options we also offer high quality stainless steel diffuser jewelry with custom design that complements your style.You can choose to get your statement piece engraved with a meaningful name, phrase or Bible verse.

*No compromise on Quality

We continually improve our design ideas and modify our products to make sure that we offer our customers the best possible option in terms of quality.

*Complementing Merchandise 

In addition to diffuser earrings, bracelets and necklaces we offer a host of other options for you to embrace your love of essential oils.

Sporting quirky catchphrases, you can choose options from a wide range of beautiful mugs, t-shirts, tank tops or bags to pair with your diffuser jewelry.

Aromatherapy for the soul

In addition to our commitment to quality and providing the best possible service for our customers, as parents,we decided right from the start that we wanted to share the blessings from this company to help children and give back to society. True to our values, $2 from every purchase made will be donated to St. Jude Children’s hospital.

Feeling inspired? Head over to our website and take your pick of stylish jewelry that smells divine.