Glass Aqua All-In-One Planted Aquarium Tank Kit

With pollution rampant in the air and global warming looming closer and closer, eco-friendly living is the standard lifestyle we should all be adopting. After all the work our planet has done to keep our species alive, it's only fair that we try to give just a little bit back right? Whether it's recycling old plastics and disposables or turning the lights and heating off when not required, every little bit counts, even if it feels insignificant.

While keeping sustainable living like this alive, it's not that hard to incorporate aspects of this earth-friendly lifestyle into your everyday household environment. Some people show it off with gardens and vegetable patches, others have succulents and other tough plants settled among the furniture. Aesthetically pleasing, never getting too out of hand and often requiring very little care, succulents are always a popular choice of plants to keep. From prickly personalities like cactuses to oriental treasures like bonsais to useful skincare ingredients like aloe vera, these are the standard household plants that you might find in the homes of other earth-lovers like you.

What if I told you that you could take things a step further and build yourself an aquatic environment in the comfort of your home?

Glass Aqua: Build the Aquatic Terrarium of Your Dreams

Sometimes we forget that one-third of our planet is essentially ocean. While not all of us get the opportunity to live near shores and beaches, oceans still influence our lives in the big picture of pollution and global warming. What better way to bring up the subject of keeping our oceans clean by having an aquatic terrarium? 

From the majestic Crypt Flamingo (Cyrptocoryneflamingo) to the graceful Java fern (Microsorum pteropus), it's not that hard to bring a piece of the ocean into your home with colorful aquatic plants combined with an array of precious stones and natural wood, recreating something straight out of National Geographic. As soon as someone points out how exotic and fresh your terrarium looks, launch your speech about keeping our oceans clean!

Upgrade Your Fish Tank with Glass Aqua

Most fish tanks give off an artificial look with their plastic plants and colorful pebbles. If you've already invested into fishes as a pet (which is a great investment) why not turn your aquarium into a multi-purpose terrarium? Not only do you get to keep fishes in your house to keep the atmosphere quiet yet lively, but you can also add natural vegetation to enhance the environment. Trust me, your fishes will love the extra oxygenation they'll be getting from the aquatic plant life.

Talk about extra aesthetic! Now you can get compliments on your fishes and their natural environment and use that as the perfect opportunity to launch a double speech: start your campaign for ending ocean pollution and saving the beautiful creatures that lurk under our waters.

So what are you waiting for? Start researching up on plant life, find a perfect spot in your home to add your new photosynthesizing friends from the deep and begin constructing the perfect terrarium for your home.