Glow: The Revolutionary Sneaker With Full Surface LED

Fashion statements and fashion trends are no longer limited to colors, collars, sleeves, and patterns. The fashion and style industry, even those who wouldn't necessarily qualify or label themselves as high fashion, are revolutionizing trends. One of the more recent trends of the century, not to mention sported and personalized by dozens of young and successful celebrities and influencers is casual wear. A category which covers one of the latest fashion finds: Glow, The Revolutionary Sneaker with Full-Surface LED. 



The Glowing Revolution


For less than a hundred US Dollars, you can get a pair of an innovative take on revolutionizing the design and creativity of active footwear. Made from never before seen patented cutting edge fiber optic technology, Glow can be classified into a new category of footwear that raises the bar for style and quality while redefining everything you ever thought a sneaker could be. Constructed with custom-made and patent-protected honeycomb fabric, Glow is breathable and weather resistant. You no longer have to worry about messing up your shoes should you ever get caught out in the rain. It is also vegan-friendly, using only high-quality vegan leather and while sure the shoe is 100% cruelty-free as no animal materials were used. Designed with a full surface shooting star LED effect, with six breathtaking colors that provide you with six head-turning styles in one sneaker, you can light up the world at the touch of a button.


Glow-Up with Glow Sneakers

Very much a lightweight sneaker and stylishly versatile with six colors, you can match your sneaker to your mood, outfit, and even your team color or colors. Glow is also capable of a flashing mode that is ideal for jogging or exercise activities, particularly at night. It is also a statement outfit piece for parties and concerts where you want to stand out from a crowd or anytime you would desire extra visibility. The high-tech, fiber optic electric, reinforced fabric with a custom-made honeycomb design have been rigorously tested to withstand the highest impacts over prolonged periods of time, not to mention, it is also the first of its kind. With two available designs to choose from, you can wear them casual every day or fit them into the most nomadic and casual of lifestyles. With comfortable memory foam insoles that adapt to your feet, Glow also has two available cool sneaker types that both make you one of a kind ensuring both maximum style and maximum comfort. The first style being Sport which can be worn with or without laces and has a black rubber bottom. The other style being Fashion with no laces and a full rubber sole. By turning on the protected integrated switch, you can shift through different glowing colors for different occasions. Easily rechargeable (taking only two hours to fill up) with a battery life that can last up to fourteen hours, you'll be ready for any type of encore in no time at all. 


With the comfort and style Glow is revolutionizing into the fashion and footwear world, putting one foot in front of the other has never been so easy and stylish. The two sneaker options were designed to be evergreen so that they don't go out of style. With Glow, you can be one of a kind; you can be revolutionary; you can be unique. Escape from the ordinary and step into the light.