LuDela Candles

Do you always get that calm and peaceful feeling when you light candles as if light were embracing you? Can you imagine your home on candlelight not only on special occasions but every night? It sounds perfect, but why don’t we do this more often?

Natural light and healthy habits

In modern life we have disconnected ourselves from candlelight mainly because it’s just easier to click a  button to turn on a bulb of blue light when it gets dark instead of lightning every single candle to illuminate a room, so it has become something to be used on certain occasions such as dates, birthdays and recovery bathtubs showers. Although, as many studies have pointed so far, the artificial light interferes in our system, impacting directly in our circadian rhythm and sleeping habits.

As humans natural light is crucial to our existence, in this sense during the day we get sunlight and it would be great if we could set our clock alarms from dawn to sunset, but we know it’s not like that, we have to stay up later in our routines, so bringing into our life a good habit of using natural light during the night hours can be positive to our health, inner peace and well being, and honestly Is there anything more moving and spiritual than fire? It connects us to ourselves and others.

A candle with technology and safety features

So let’s talk about it, we know candles can be potentially dangerous, you can get candle fire or a messy pillar all melted in just a few minutes, but what if there was a smart candle? A candle that turns on or off by remote control or by movement; A candle that is safe even though kids are playing near; A candle that can be refilled and always look charming; A candle that can have the perfect scent for the perfect moment!  If that sounds like a dream to you, LuDela has made your dream come true!

LuDela candles unite high technology to our roots, they have all the benefits from a real fire candle, but by its system, all the major cons have been solved: the candle comes in a shell that can be changed accordingly to the color you wish; It has safety features, such as a Tilt-extinguish, which extinguishes the flame on accidental falls and a Timer Extinguish that blows out your candles when you tell them to. If you are a candle lover you should check LuDela products and chose the best option for you, changing colors and scents making every night special.

Social mission

Sounds good? There’s more! Be aware that by purchasing LuDela’s innovative candles you are contributing to LuDela’s social mission: better light, better lives. For every product sold a book is donated, helping to bring libraries to underserved communities with their non-profit partner Books for Africa. What are you waiting for? Get your perfect candle and help LuDela illuminate the lives and minds of these children.