Main: First High-Performance Dress

Are your mornings also as crazy – running around finishing work before you start getting ready for your office?

Do you also spend hours deciding what to wear, depending on the day's schedule – fancy, decent, colorful, dull?

Do you also have a wardrobe full of clothes but yet every day you feel like, they are not enough? 

Do you some times have to wear something you are not very comfortable in but have to wear it to look perfect for the occasion?

Then our newest product is a perfect solution for your problems.

A dress for all the women out there – the dress that is suitable for all kinds of occasions and comfort levels. It is not just a dress, it is a technology that you will be wearing around. 

The first of its kind – wrinkleless, stain-free, and durable – the Main().

Quality and comfort were the main goals that were kept in mind while creating this product.  Designed by women for women – the founders very well understand what women need from a comfortable dress that can be worn to different places and occasions.

Let's take a look at the main features of the Main() below.


There have been so many times when we spill water and other beverages on our dress and have to rush to the restroom to clean it so that it doesn't leave a stain. No more worries about that, the dress is made with liquid-repellent material, so that you stay protected from coffee and other stains all the time!


Wrinkle-free fabric is one thing many people look at when buying a new dress. Something that doesn't need ironing every time you have to wear it is a go-to dress for many women. Main() solves this problem – wash it, dry it, and it is ready to wear. The dress looks fresh all day, and you don't need to worry about going to an event at night after an all-day work with a ruined crumpled dress.

Size options

We made this dress keeping in mind the women all around – a dress that fits all body shapes and sizes. It is kept fit from the shoulders and a little loose towards the bottom, which makes this dress a very comfortable wear.

The dress comes in two standard lengths – 36″(91 cm)  and 39″(96 cm), to fit heights below 5'5″ (165 cm) and above 5’5″ (165cm) respectively. These standard lengths make sure that the dress is just one inch above your knees so that it looks equally suitable for both the office and a party.

Other significant features of the dress include hidden stitched pockets so that you don't need an extra bag to carry small stuff, soft fabric so that it does not itch or feel rough on the skin, and it also provides a 4-way stretch so that it fits different sizes.

With Main(), we provide an all-time solution of dressing up without the hassle of choosing what to wear and still look confident in what you wear.

This idea for this dress was curated by women, keeping in mind the rest of the women, so don’t hesitate to tell us about your needs, we will try to include your suggestions as part of our next release.