Muir Way

In life, we all have many different paths to choose from. As we wander this world, those paths vary. They expand, change, and adapt to the choices we make each and every day. And without the choices we have made, we wouldn't be where we are. Those choices include people, things, and places. We choose who to love and who to include in our lives. We choose what to keep and what to get rid of. And, the choice with the biggest effect of all, we choose where to live and where to leave. Everywhere we live in this world leaves a mark. We leave stones turned over and people changed. We leave an impact on the environment, whether that's a good impact or a bad impact. But each place we live doesn't just leave a mark on that place, but it leaves an undeniable mark on our lives and in our hearts.

Places Shape Us

Places can shape everything from the minute details such as what we eat and where we play to life-changing decisions such as what career we choose and how we view the world. Traveling and exploring teach us that life happens outside of our small circles of influence. We expand our influence and our thinking. We meet new people and hear fresh ideas, seeing that our opinions aren't the only ones that matter or the only ones to consider. We learn that life happens in different ways, and see with fresh eyes the things and people we once took for granted. You just can't visit a new place and meet new people with an open heart and remain unchanged.

Places Teach Us

As we travel this earth, we are reminded of our places in this world. The mountains put into perspective just how small we are, and the rivers remind us how many things are outside of our control. History shows us where we have made mistakes and what we should do to keep those mistakes from happening again. Without these reminders, where would we be? Without where we have been, how can we know where to go?

Where is Your Place?

So think about it – where have you been that has shaped where you are? Where are you right now that is shaping where you're going? In what places have you lived or wandered that have had a lasting effect on your life? In what places have you conquered fears and overcome life's obstacles? Finally, how are you going to celebrate the place that made you who you are today? 

Show The World Your Place

Whether that place was a mountain range or a kitchen, a river or a school, with Muir Way's maps, you can display that triumph to everyone that enters your home. With intricately detailed maps showing mountain ranges, waterways, topography, and history across the United States, your life-changing place can be showcased in style. With each purchase, your environmental impact on this world can also be minimized, with a portion of each sale donated to land, water, and air preservation. So what are you waiting for? Show us where you've been.