Orgonite Crystals

For those of you that believe in talismans, for those of you that have respect for the earth, for those of you that are in touch with nature and also that know about the power of crystals – this article is for you! On the other hand, if you think that gemstones are nothing more than just pieces of jewellery, still! Maybe it’s a good idea not to reject it straight away. Maybe, after reading this article, you will be surprised to learn something new or see it from a different angle. Let’s see.

Orgone – Orgonite

So what is this orgone? How does it work? Basically, the subtle energy surrounding us – or prana/chi/life force – is called orgone. Orgone has the power to transform the negative energy into positive one – and it can actually happen at all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Orgonite is, therefore, orgone processing material which consists of resin, metal shaving and quartz crystal. As it may sound complicated at first glance, I will try to make things simple and not go into details yet still show you the benefits of these breathtaking pendants.

Orgonite and Crystals

So what do we have here then? Basically, combined with different crystals, orgonite has a unique ability to enhance their properties hence various pieces are made for healing and especially to deal with issues such as insomnia, low confidence, sadness or negativity.

Healing Crystals

Keeping that in mind, even if you are the most vehement sceptic it is important to acknowledge that the power of the healing crystals has been used since ancient times to enhance energy, help in the clearing, balancing and protecting ourselves from external negative ones. That is why each crystal has been used as a guide in connecting with nature, in order to clean and align the chakras, to empower, to protect from radiation and of course to ground and balance our energy. Even in Ayurvedic medicine, crystal energy has been used to address imbalances in the body.

Crystals as connectors

Now, if you were the person who believed that gemstones are no more than jewellery – it is time for you to reconsider and eventually to research a bit more. I would like to underline that, like diet and workout, orgonite crystals are also instruments, tools that have to be used persistently, consciously and in which, of course, one has to believe. This will only happen once will fully understand that they are pieces of Mother Nature, they represent the earth energy, therefore there is no downside to their effects. On the contrary, using them consciously will give you only benefits that you will slowly notice if you get more in touch with yourself. 

Choosing the best one for yourself?

Personally, I am very spontaneous in this respect and judge from what I am attracted by the most – without necessarily having prior knowledge on a particular crystal. I want to believe that you will be drawn to that one which you most need at the time when you will make the choice – and feel free to allow that to happen. Once you will work with different kinds you will also understand them better and know what you will need and when. Now, let's check the Orgonite Crystals page for a start!