Playing Arts ZERO: A Deck Of Cards By Todays Leading Artists

Originally launched in 2012, the Playing Arts ZERO card deck was initially called “Creative Cards”.  Capturing the unique designs created by various international artists, each card was designed to feature its own style and technique.  As the original deck was only available in a limited edition, it was sold out for five years.  In response to a large number of messages after the original deck was released, the community has been able to bring back a new and improved version of the original deck.  The Playing Arts card deck has gained plenty of positive attention throughout the design community and has been featured in over 100 design blogs and magazines.  


Edition Zero Features

This Playing Arts series is available in poker size (88.9 x 63.5mm) with thin borders around the edges.  This deck features 55 cards, each uniquely designed.  The Arts ZERO deck is made with the highest quality card stock.  These cards are printed by the US Playing Card Company on Bicycle Paper with an air-cushion finish giving them a smooth overall feel.  Included in the deck are 52 playing cards, 2 joker cards, and an information card which contains the names of the different artists as well as instructions for using the Augmented Reality app.  


Unique Designs Created by Leading International Artists and Animators

With a truly vast array of different designs and styles, users are able to find a one-of-a-kind card playing experience with this deck.  The artists come from countries across the globe – Russia, Mexico, Belgium, United States, Chile, and so forth.  All of the designs range greatly, some being more simple to others more complex.  Some of the artists use more abstract designs while others use a more realistic approach.  It's amazing to see this collaboration of so many different styles of art come together to create this fantastic deck of cards.



Augmented Reality App Brings Cards to Life

Not only do these cards feature an incredible array of designs and illustrations from highly talented artists across the globe, but now they come with stunning animations as well.  Simply using the Augmented Reality app, several cards are brought to life with moving illustrations and music.  Users can view these moving illustrations both on the website and with the card in their hands using the application.  This edition zero takes the artistic style a step further with these truly extraordinary illustrations.  The Augmented Reality app is now available on both iOS and Android devices.  


Add-Ons Available

By clicking on the “Manage Pledge” button at the top of the project page, you can find several add-ons which are available in addition to the playing deck.  The Edition ZERO deck comes at a price of 15 euros.  Users can also add on the Edition Zero Uncut sheet for 30 euros, and a playing case for an additional 7 euros.  All of these are great additional features for users to vamp up their deck.




The Playing Arts ZERO deck creates a truly unique and one-of-a-kind user experience.  With live animations and music to go along with already impressive designs, there is simply nothing quite like them!