Qujai Cufflinks

We live in a world where strict rules of clothing lots of people wear daily for work threaten to suppress the person behind the suit. No wonder that small acts of harmless rebellion are something more and more appealing. They often come in the form of happy socks, a unique piece of jewelry, and maybe provocative underwear. But, let’s face it, not many of us, consider cufflinks to be another way of standing out from the rest of the crowd and reveal the funny and daring side of our personalities.

This is where Qujai cufflinks come in – affordable, but nonetheless stylish and eye-catching, these turtle cufflinks may be just what you have been looking for to add a splash of color and personality to your wardrobe.  

Royal example of confidence

The cufflinks became widely popular as soon as classical shirts replaced the historical ones, decorated with ribbons, broidery, and frills. A simple button was not enough to keep the cuffs, cleaned and starched to withstand intense daily use, together. However, the irreplaceable accessory remained fairly invisible.

Only men with a great deal of self-confidence wore cufflinks made from colorful gemstones, one of them being the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII. His love for eye-catching Faberge cufflinks inspired others to follow his example. Even more so, because of his cufflink preference, they were officially recognized as a proper male accessory, instead of a button replacement.

If a member of the British royal family, famous for its strict protocols, dared to stand out, why not follow his example, and do the same in the century where it is all too easy to disappear in the crowd of suits, white shirts, and ties?

An accessory like a pair of sea turtles, holding the cuffs together is a perfect solution.

Because, who doesn’t like turtles, right?

Symbol of Prosperity

There is an excellent reason to like them. Turtle is a symbol of longevity and stability in numerous different ancient cultures. Did you know that Native Americans considered a turtle to be a sacred figure, representing Mother Earth? The symbol of a turtle signified good health and long life.

The Hawaiian green sea turtle also symbolizes good luck, long life, and endurance for the people of the islands, who also believe turtles to show up as a person’s guardian spirit Amakua.

The famous Chinese philosophy of wellbeing Feng Shui honors the turtle as one of the four sacred Celestial animals beside the red phoenix, green dragon, and the white tiger.

Feng Shui recommends adding a statue, statuette, or even a real turtle to the landscaping or the décor of the house for good luck, serenity, and career success. But there is a more simple way to keep the powerful talisman with you.

Wear the Charm

Yes, that is correct, the turtle is a perfect good-luck charm, so why not take it a step further, and wear it too? This decorative and cute accessory will surely add spark to any male or female wardrobe.

The bright color of the stones, decorating the turtles’ backs, will surely brighten the day, reminding of crystal clear tropical waters even in the darkness of winter months; and maybe wearing this universal good luck and prosperity symbol will boost your confidence to fight for those impossible dreams just a bit harder and with more determination.