Riverwood Acoustics

Imagine the best quality of today's latest music in and out thick wood over 300 years old. Not only is the site of it is magnificent, but also its history. Now, what makes this so unique is that it is purely made from logs that sunk in the Ottawa River. Dense logs that were invaluable at the 1800s trades never made it across the river were forgotten for almost a century and now here you see it.

It is a wireless Bluetooth speaker…right before your eyes!

Nature enthusiast? Would be wrong if you knew of this and didn't have one.

The conditions at the bottom of the Ottawa River were such that with the low light and cool temperature, the wood has been naturally well preserved. Trees that were harvested for timber and cut hundreds of years ago?

You couldn't have possibly helped it. But now this lost treasure, that had been waiting for a long time under fresh water, has been finally recovered. They could have been utilized for anything, but here they are!

And they've been beautifully hand-crafted into the most advanced speakers with unbeatable quality of music.

So like I said if you are a nature lover, you ought to have this. And if you really are one, the Riverwood is undeniably in safe hands.

Something you can talk about with everyone

Museums are places where people go and get glimpses of historical artifacts and talk about them. They get to know more about history this way.

Quite frankly, with this Riverwood speaker in homes, we can all get to know something about the past. Maybe not a whole book of knowledge, but it has played its part in those days.

It would make a fine story for an old man to tell about to his grandchildren. It would be an engaging topic to discuss with visitors. 

Why Riverwood for a music playing device?

This old timber lost and found could have been used for anything. Why music? Ask any musician, any real musician and he or she would tell you. When wood is the material of any music related tool, then its performance outstands without a doubt. 

Moreover, better the quality of wood, better is the experience and feel of the tones. As you can see it for yourself, the quality of wood here is definitely outmatched.

This makes this Riverwood speaker the best of its kind without even a ray of doubt. 

Riverwood or nothing!

The cute little speaker may be small in size, but it boasts with astonishing sound effects and volume. With its superior and premium end looks, it also is heavy for its size, which just makes it a lot grander.

Its weight being a little over 4 kilograms, will certainly make any music lover with some knowledge of music player devices blush. 

Warranty: Nothing to worry about

One last thing on why this would be an ideal choice… unlike the majority of companies or probably any other company, the Riverwood speakers has a lifetime warranty. It is completely safe to make an investment here without hesitation. 

If you aren't satisfied with your new Speakers, you can send it back with a full refund. I doubt that you will send it back though!