Simply Nature Bio Goods

A swan neck draped with gilt vines and tendrils of arruda, a bracelet of gold-dipped charms upon a slender wrist. 

Cerrado leaves graceful on each ear. A cuff of gilded magnolia around a bare arm. 

Saying 'I do' with a one of a kind, tuia ring.

More than just inspired by nature, introducing unique jewelry that is … Simply Nature

Biojewels: Jewelry for the Nature Loving Woman

Have you ever wished for a Midas touch, wandering through fairie forests and rainforest trails? Chancing upon a wondrous filigreed leaf, an intricate seed, a flowering and fruiting of the wood – if only it might turn to gold! 

The biojewels collection by Simply Nature is like a myth come true. Classic and timeless, each fashionable piece is absolutely unique, drawn with mindfulness from the Brazilian Amazon and bathed in 18K gold, revived by artisans to a renewed and immortal life. 

Browse through Simply Nature's wide range of wearable nature, from feathery Portuguese lace, compact clovers and anise, to drops of wildflower and coffee, and find the perfect accessory to complete any outfit. 

And if you are a collector of unique, nature-inspired accessories? Sign up for the Gift Collectibles deal, for a monthly delivery of Simply Nature's latest creation! 

High Fashion Meets Sustainable Fashion

How can a lover of jewelry participate in changing the world of fashion, from a superficial industry back to a connection with beauty and people? 

Is there a brand that is not modeled on consumerist model? A brand that gives back, and does something to alleviate inequality? A brand passionate about nature, stepping lightly and mindfully all through its supply chain – and promotes knowledge about the forests that supply its business? 

What about all three, at once?

The Simply Nature biojewels collections are handcrafted golden glamour, designed by professional artists for the fashionista with a golden heart. 

A biojewel from Simply Nature is produced with sustainability in mind, from the Amazon harvest, to the plating process, through to its final seeded packaging containing a final gift – the promise of wildflowers. 

Each sale sends relief to the homeless, and contributes to heritage seeds preservation through the Seeds Exchange program. 

Ethical, Fashion Forward Jewelry

No responsible, fashion forward brand can ignore the heavy impact of the current fast fashion industry. 

Biojewels are the complete opposite. They are timeless as nature is timeless, unique as nature is unique. Look ahead to Simply Nature's transition to a more circular model – providing options for repair of damaged pieces, a biojewel rental program, takebacks, and exchanges.

So you can stay fashionable without the clutter and waste of quickly obsolete bling – whether you mean to pass down biojewel heirlooms, or wear them for a while… and let them pass on. 

Saying 'I love you' is all the more special with an ethical jewel.

Thank mum's years of care with a responsibly made gift. 

Prayers are the more sincere with consciously crafted beads. 

Celebrate your days of joy with a purchase that strives to bring joy to people.