If you are a sneaker geek, then Slickieslaces is what you need in your life right now!

A shoelace brand that completely understands and elevates your sneaker game to the next level, Slickieslaces is funky, youthful and unique. More and more people are getting into the world of sneakers, thanks to pop culture and also the hip hop and rap scene. Professional hip hop dancers also are very keen on a good pair of kicks as it helps them maintain a good grip on the dance floor and not slip and be a victim of a serious injury.

Apart from the obvious benefits of wearing and owning a good quality pair of sneakers, no one can deny that a good pair of sneakers really takes your outfit of the day to the next level! And while sneakers in themselves are pretty stylish, somehow, not enough credit and attention has been given to the laces of the sneakers. The laces are, after all, what hold the sneakers in place. A good sneaker is nothing without a great pair of laces.

Most branded sneakers have a very intricate and well thought-out design of the shoe itself, but zero to minimum attention is paid to the actual laces. Slickieslaces plans on changing that flaw, and they do it beautifully and in style. You can buy a variety of shoelaces based on type, style, color, and even length.


Choose from different types of laces

At Slickieslaces, you can choose from majorly 3 different types of shoelaces – flat, round or oval. The flat shoelaces mostly resemble the fettuccine pasta. The rope or round style resembles the spaghetti pasta. Oval shoelaces are kind of in the middle, kind of flat but have a rounded look to them.


Choose from different brands

Slickieslaces sells a bunch of well known and renowned brands of shoelaces like Adidas, Balenciaga, Nike, Timberland, Vans and so many more. They don't self-brand the shoelaces so that the beauty of the laces in themselves can be preserved. They believe in maintaining the beauty of the laces as it is so that they can increase the beauty of the kicks as well.


Choose from different lengths of laces

On this website, you can choose different laces lengths as well, from 60cm to 160cm. The choice is all yours!


Choose from a variety of different aglets

Aglets are the tiny long solid pieces at either end of the laces. While most people may not even pay attention to these aglets, seasoned sneaker geeks understand how important these aglets are in the grand scheme of the overall aesthetic of their shoes. Slickieslaces offer a variety of stylish aglets, from metal to plastic, in a variety of vibrant colors and hues. You can buy removable aglets as well and keep changing them in accordance with your mood and overall look of the outfit.


Lately, Slickieslaces' Katakana collection has become extremely popular. These laces have the Japanese Katakana script printed on them, giving your sneakers an edgy look. Apart from these, the classic flat off-white laces too are quite the crowd pleaser!